Lions can’t hold fast Finishing Frankston

The Coburg Lions have gone down to the Frankston Dolphins by a narrow 5 points, at Frankston Park.

After leading for most the match, the Lions lost the lead late in the final term and were unable to recover, being reduced to 2 rotations with injuries to Saad (Hamstring), Tarczon (Knee) and Fox (Concussion).

Frankston jumped out of the gates with an early goal, however it was Coburg who would play the better footy early. Going inside 50 multiple times, to manage only the five behinds.

 Frankston wrestled back the early momentum and locked the ball inside there forward half, however had similar troubles converting only kicking 1.3.

Coburg couldn’t break the wall across Frankston’s half forward flank and would go into quarter time trailing by 12 points.

The Lions intensity lifted from the centre bounce of the second quarter, Dylan Tarczon lifting  in the forward line after Ahmed Saad came off injured with a hamstring strain.

Mark Kovacevic and Danny Younan cashed in on consecutive Josh Cauchi kicks inside 50 to give Coburg the lead.

 Frankston were able to halt the momentum temporarily, however, Josh Cauchi put on his best Jamie Vardy impression and soccered a magnificent goal through from the boundary, before Dylan Tarczon got a lucky bounce to put Coburg up by 19 points on the siren.

  The third term started in an up and down fashion with the ball moving quickly through the middle of Frankston Park as both midfields tried to gain the ascendency.

Frankston began to get the better of Coburg, again locking the ball into their half, this time converting with greater accuracy to reduce the margin to 6 points mid way through the third term.

Lech Featherstone was able to capitalise on a dolphins turnover, however, Frankston struck back again, cutting the margin to four points at three quarter time.

The Lions lost a spark up forward with Dylan Tarczon going down with a knee injury early in the last quarter.

Half way through the final term, the game was balanced on a knife edge with neither side able to land a telling blow with Coburg only 6 points in the lead.

A link of handballs down the wing from Hunt to Younan to Cauchi was the best look in for the quarter for the visitors, and allowed Coburg to lock the ball in the forward 50.

After breaking the shackles, Frankston pressed forward, the Lions back 6 did their best to lock down, repelling attack after attack before the Dolphins managed to kick three consecutive goals to take a 5 point lead.

The Lions pushed late with the game ending with the ball inside the attacking 50 when the siren went, Frankston getting away with a narrow 5 point victory.

Best: R. Lehmann, D. Tarczon, L. Johns, O. Uysal, T. Goodwin, J. Iacobaccio

Goals: Tarczon 2, Kovacevic, Younan, Cauchi, Featherstone, McEvoy