Lions Getting Ready to Pounce on 2018 Season

Brooke Varney

THE Coburg Football Club have continued their pre-season training, with just under two months to go until their first practice match against Collingwood VFL.

Despite the temperature reaching up to 40°C some nights, the entire playing group were dedicated to the sessions and did their best in the heat.

For many players including 2017 Jim Sullivan Medal runner-up Ryan Exon and new recruit Tyson Lever, starting the second phase of their pre-season training meant getting back into the swing of things after a well-deserved break over the holiday period.

Heading into his second year as a Lion, Exon can already spot some differences in the group compared to his first pre-season.

“My last pre-season was a bit of a challenge, obviously because it was my first year at Coburg so it was difficult getting to know everyone,” he said.

“All the boys and coaches made it pretty easy though, and once I got into it, it was alright.”

“This season, it’s been a bit different having a much smaller group because there’s no Development League, so this is about the same size as what we would have had on the list at the end of the season,” Exon continued.

“Since this is pre-season obviously there’s still going to be cuts to make, but I think (training with a smaller group) is better in a way because you can do more game-like drills without having 100 people on the oval.”

Head Coach Leigh Adams takes reign this season with a fairly new-look coaching group, and Exon has also noticed a different attitude in the playing group.

“The (vibe among the boys) has been really good, it’s a new kind of look at how VFL is played and how we are going to have to play to be competitive against the AFL-aligned teams.

“I think it’s been really refreshing to get that new outlook on it.”

In his first year at Coburg, former Calder Cannon Tyson Lever looks forward to what this year has in store.

“My first pre-season at the club has been really good, and the boys have been really supportive in getting around me,” he said.

“Unfortunately I’ve been in the rehab group for the first half but I’m slowly getting back into (full training) which is good, and I’m really enjoying it so far.”

“The plan is to begin training next week fully, and then slowly just build up training and then go into the practice matches, and then hopefully be fully fit for the season.”

To see more about what the pre season has been about so far, you can view it all with this video here!

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