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#ThanksGermo: Looking Back at Peter German’s Contribution

Head Senior Coach Peter German has decided he will be departing Coburg Football Club at the end of this season, informing the playing group of his intention on Monday night.

Entering in 2014 during the club’s first season as a stand-alone VFL side, German, or ‘Germo’ as he is sometimes known, has been influential to the club’s professional culture and development of players.

“I thought for the betterment of Coburg Football Club that we need another coach,” German told the Moreland Leader earlier this week.

“I feel that whoever coaches Coburg with the whole new set-up, including without the development league, needs a new direction.”

In his four years at the club, he recalls his time as being “mixed and varied”, but has definitely had some memorable moments.

“Coaching such a young group over the four years has had its challenges,” German shared with Brooke Varney from Coburg FC Media.

“Obviously with the limited income and resources we have compared to most other VFL/AFL teams, on most weeks we had to be at our very best to be competitive, but have had some David and Goliath victories,” he continued.

“The most pleasing aspect of my time however has been the culture we have built that allows young men to come to Coburg with confidence, and know they will come into a learning environment that will enhance their football.”

With four AFL draftees in the past three years (Adam Saad, Gold Coast; Michael Hartley, Essendon; Robbie Fox, Sydney; and Luke Ryan, Fremantle), German acknowledges that it is “a result of the hard work by many”.

As for the future, he believes that while finals footy is still a while away, showing your support for one of the few remaining stand-alone clubs is important to it’s survival.

“It would be the cream on the cake if Sydney Road and surrounding businesses in the Moreland City Council would get behind our club,” he said.

“Until then, and when Coburg can attract some ex-AFL players with experience and build a young group that can play together for five/six years, then we will be able to confidently approach future seasons with finals in mind.”

“On the whole I’ve enjoyed the relationships that I’ve built with many of the players, and also the support & friendships from the long time supporters, (President) Kevin Breen, (former GM) Craig Lees, (GM) Seb Spagnuolo and many of the support staff and coaches.”

Coburg GM Sebastian Spagnuolo has labelled German’s immense contribution to the club “a great legacy he will be leaving behind”.

“Since 2014, he has been instrumental in creating a professional culture within our club, and for that we will be forever thankful.”

“For me personally, Peter has been incredibly supportive and understanding,” GM Spagnuolo continued.

“Like all members of the club, we want to send Peter off as positively as possible, and hope to send him off a winner in the next four games.”

President Kevin Breen also praised German, and thanked him for bringing a “new level of professionalism, determination, and fierce will to win” to the club.

“On behalf of the Coburg Football Club, I would like to thank Peter German for his outstanding service in his role as Senior Coach since his appointment in 2014.”

“People who are not involved in the inner workings of the club would never understand the difficulties he has faced on a day-to-day basis, and not once did he waiver from the challenge he was confronted with.”

“Many people judge coaches on a win-loss ratio, but Peter’s influence on the Coburg Football Club was far greater than mere statistics.”

“His preparedness to promote the club at every opportunity, to see it improve both on and off-field, and his genuine love of the club ensured we have been able to continue as a competitive stand-alone club.”

“To Peter, Cath, and their three lovely daughters, we wish you all the very best for the future.”

“And finally from a very personal perspective, Germo thank you mate; it’s been a pleasure to work with you and what a rollercoaster ride it’s been.”


By Brooke Varney.