Always, Football

Matt Fairbairn is making his mark as a footballer, as playing football just feels right.

Matt’s journey with football has definitely been colorful, playing football from a young age, moving onto playing VFL football with Frankston before finding home at Coburg, through it all, one thing was evident; Matt is a great defender. A trait I admired about Matt is the hunger he has to become a great defender as well as to consistently perfect his role within the team.

“Defense comes naturally, I’m meant to be a defender”

Matt’s career with football is only in its early days, being only 21 years of age, the journey towards becoming a great defender is most definitely long. However, Matt’s adamant in pushing himself to ensure his journey with football is lengthy as well as being a footballer that has a positive impact going into each game.

“There’s always room for improvement, you’ll only become a better footballer by working on your faults and thriving on perfecting your football skills”.

Matt has always seen himself as a back man and hopes in the years to come to perfect his role as a key defender within his team.

“Team involvements, being a team player, playing my role as a defender and more importantly putting yourself at the expense of your team to ensure the best possible results, it’s always the team first”.

Matt definitely has the right mindset in regards to not only playing his role within the team but also more importantly ensuring that team involvements are met. As an aspiring athlete that aims to play football at the highest possible level, Matt thrives on the challenges faced each week as each challenge ultimately allows growth for a player, one aspect I truly believe in. Growth ultimately shapes a player, if you’re not in fact growing each week and perfecting your faults, you won’t succeed in being the best possible player you aim to be

“Always be a better version of yourself”

Transitioning from club to club is always daunting; Matt’s transition to Coburg from Frankston was definitely the right move.

Coburg is truly home to all the boys, whether it be the boys that have been around for years or the younger boys that are just starting out, the feeling of home coincides with each player and Matt’s no different; Coburg was definitely the right transition.

I think the most positive aspect through Coburg’s journey as a stand alone club would be proving everyone wrong; yes they may be starting up again, however, Coburg is only going to get bigger and only going to get better.

Matt summarized Coburg’s growth perfectly, “We’re exceeding everyone’s expectations and that’s the best part”.

The coaching staff, the boys and the overall environment at Coburg has been nothing but positive, you can definitely sense the culture and brand that everyone speaks so highly of, and the only downside to playing for the Coburg Lions would be distance.

“Distance that’s all, everything else is awesome”.

Matt’s journey with football is just beginning, through hard work and dedication in perfecting his role as a defender, I can definitely see Matt being a great back man as well as having a positive impact on the game.

Ted Richards and Michael Hartley were two players Matt has respect for, purely to their craft as defenders.

In saying that, I can guarantee, Matt Fairbairn will one day be categorized under being a great and well-respected defender; his career with football has only just begun, and that’s the best part.