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The Season in Review

The Lions were back! For the first time since 2000, Coburg was a stand-alone club and with that came an enormous task for General Manager Craig Lees and Senior coach Peter German. In summary, 5 wins, 13 losses, mountains of experience to the young crop of

Running The Show

“The most exciting part is having a blank canvas”. Craig Lees prior to commencing at the Coburg Lions as the new General Manager was wary of the tough road ahead, nevertheless, was excited to start his journey as this new chapter was full of thrilling

Shining Bright

Cody Mance is a fine example of hard work paying off, as his career as a footballer is really starting to shine. Cody dedicates his love of football to his older brother who not only pushed him into playing the sport he loves but also allowed him to grow

The Featherstone Show

Lech Featherstone has definitely had a fantastic first year showcasing his talent as a dominant, and standout forward. Lech definitely has a special story in regards to his football career, he played with TAC Cup club Bendigo Pioneers, but after finishing

Perfect Fit

Nick Linton has always bounded himself with football and is adamant in football not only being the sport he loves but also being the perfect fit. Many aspiring footballers start playing football at a young age; Nick began his football career before kinder

Ultimate Big Brother

Ben Clifton is not only excelling as a skilled defender at the Coburg Lions but also leaving his mark as a respected and admired leader.Ben’s journey with football in my opinion is admirable, finding the love of the game at 10 years of age and years lat