Club statement from the president and general manager

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

To our valued club members, players, sponsors and supporters,

Since the last update from the club in August it’s been very encouraging to see the gradual improvement in the State’s covid-19 cases, well done to everyone that is part of the Coburg FC family for doing their part and staying safe.

The end of the tunnel is within reach now, let’s get there together!

We write to you today to provide an update with regards to the future of the VFL competition and the process that our club is currently working through.

Since the last update, we have been working closely with our fellow VFL clubs and the AFL to gain greater understanding of how our competition will look in 2021 since the AFL’s announcement that the VFL and NEAFL competitions have been merged for 2021.

The club is now fully aware of the submission process that all current VFL and NEAFL clubs are to follow and in some really positive news, it’s the AFL’s intention to complete the process by early to mid-October 2020.

The first step of the process was for our club to formally advise in writing to the AFL that we intend to be in the new look competition as a standalone football club, something we’ve been proud to be since November 2013.

By mid-October 2020 the competition will have taken greater shape with the knowledge of the name of the competition, which teams will be competing, how many teams, the new rules and regulations for the competition, travel requirements for clubs and more important information that will help all clubs plan for a fantastic 2021 season.

Between now and that proposed review completion date, we will continue to represent the club and provide feedback and suggestions to the AFL along the way when possible. To this point the consultation from the AFL and between VFL club’s has been a highlight and it’s exciting that the end result isn’t far away now.

With the AFL Finals series starting next week, the AFL and it’s clubs have done a fantastic job to get to this point of the season and we wish the AFL and the teams still in contention for the Premiership all the very best for the 2020 AFL Finals.

Having footy on most nights has no doubt made this current stage 4 lockdown more exciting and we congratulate the AFL for their tireless work to make it happen.

We’ve recently launched our club’s first ever and very Senior Women’s team and the intention for the team is that in 2021, the team will participate in a local football competition with a plan to hopefully move to the VFLW competition in 2022.

We will continue to work with the AFL on this plan over the coming months.

The inaugural Women’s football department has already been announced and soon we will start announcing our first ever Women’s players that just like our Women’s football staff have taken a great leap of faith to pioneer our Women’s football program and team in 2021.

2021 is a very special year for our club as it’s our 130th year anniversary and we are so excited that our club could be participating in a more National competition (VIC/QLD/NSW), taking our club – it’s players, members and corporate partners to a wider and new interstate audience.

In 1891, the club was born and from humble beginnings, participating in metropolitan football competitions, Coburg FC made the move to the then-VFA (now VFL) in 1925 when Hawthorn, Footscray and North Melbourne left the VFA to head across to the then-VFL (now AFL).  In 1925, the Coburg City Oval Grandstand and changerooms that are currently being redeveloped was built and opened to much acclaim.

We entered the VFA competition with great excitement as the new kids on the block, the whole community got behind us and it didn’t take long to achieve success with our club winning the 1926, 1927 and 1928 VFA Premierships.

Since then, much has changed in the Victorian football landscape but our club has endured and in 2021, with the club joining what could be a new competition and with the club also getting the keys to a new facility, it’s with that same buzz and excitement from back in 1925 that we head into the 2021 football season and open a new chapter for our proud club.

We want the whole Coburg FC family and wider Moreland community to come along for the ride with us.

Till the next update from the club, please continue to stay safe and keep checking in on eachother.

Go the Lions!!


         Matt Price     &   Sebastian Spagnuolo
   President            General Manager

Coburg Football Club