Club Update from the General Manager

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Coburg FC General Manager Sebastian Spagnuolo has provided the following joint VFL clubs statement by way of update in relation to the 2020 Season.

Joint VFL Clubs statement…. 

Our VFL Clubs were yesterday advised that the AFL, along with other sporting body representatives, continue to consult closely with the Victorian State Government and relevant medical authorities to explore the potential for a full Return to Train and a Return to Play plan for the VFL.

VFL Clubs continue to ensure alignment with the advice of the State Government, and in the event of a further easing of restrictions, remain hopeful of a return to play in 2020.

There is a clear understanding at all levels (Government, League and Clubs) of the need to advise the players, staff and community of a ‘roadmap’ for a return to playing sport.

Whilst there is no set timeframe for the State Government to deliver this information, there is a focus to provide this as soon as possible.

Whilst the State Government regulations are a key component of whether a VFL or VFLW season will or won’t commence in 2020, there are a number of other factors that need to be resolved before a season can get underway, namely:

  • Financing the competition in lieu of crowd attendances
  • Health protocols to ensure the safety of players and club staff and volunteers
  • Insurance arrangements for players

The 8 VFL Clubs (Box Hill, Casey, Coburg, Frankston, Port Melbourne, Sandringham, Werribee, Williamstown) and the AFL are currently working closely together to work through each of these matters. Certainly, yesterday’s announcement from AFL Victoria and Cricket Victoria confirming the ability to extend a Football season into October 2020, is a positive outcome for this purpose.

In the interim, each Club is determining their own approach to when they decide to bring players back to training (from the target date of 1 June), given the individual positions in respect to ground availability, staffing and costs.

In addition to this joint statement –

Coburg FC’s players, board members and staff remain focused on being ready for whichever way the decision to commence or not commence a 2020 season may go, with players resuming their individual programs away from sanctioned club training until we get further clarity of a way forward as per the above statement. Whichever way it does go, we are confident that as a club we, along with the other VFL clubs, have done everything we can and left no stone unturned to explore all available opportunities to be able to play.

The commitment and resilience from and within our playing, coaching and staff groups also need to be highlighted and commended, we have fantastic people associated with our club who all want the same thing – to see the club compete and succeed and to play their part in allowing that to happen.

The club would also like to take the opportunity to thank it’s highly valued members and sponsors that have recently reached out with messages of support via either a phonecall or an email to the club, we are truly thankful for your ongoing support through these unprecedented times and with whatever may happen from here, we are confident that the club will endure and come out of this situation strong and united.

To our members, stay connected with us, purchase from or use the services that our sponsors provide when and where possible, engage with us on social media and let us know if we can support you in any way. Do everything and anything possible to keep our club’s community strong and thriving.

What we can not lose sight of is the exciting times ahead for our club – with the redevelopment of Piranha Park providing many new opportunities for club growth that we have been waiting a very long time for (it will be worth it), but also the fact that over the past 129 years our club has faced many challenges and situations of adversity and overcome them all.

The club’s Junior football program is also planning for what might happen with the EDFL’s Junior season in 2020 and the volunteers and parents associated with that program are doing a great job being ready for any outcome. We continue to provide the necessary support to our future Lions too.

Our core club values consist of being a humble, selfless and professional family of Lions with the aim of bringing fun and enjoyment to community member’s lives through our football club. That’s what we will continue to do!

Once again, stay safe, follow the protocols, download the covid-19 app and let’s do what we can to keep our Lions community strong and healthy.

Carn the’ burgers!