Coburg snares Yarraville pair

By Julia Montesano 

The Coburg Football Club is excited to announce the signing of Yarraville Seddon Eagles duo, Kristelle Vanderwolf and Dacia Abela. 

Vanderwolf and Abela aren’t your average duo though. Not only are they both star football players, but Abela also has a soccer background while Vanderwolf also plays ice hockey.

Even though they came from very different sporting backgrounds, they are similar players, with Vanderwolf being crowned the 2019 club best-and-fairest and Abela coming second in the count. The midfielders hope they can continue this form in Coburg colours in 2021. 

“I think I just really want to become a better player,” Abela said. “It’s really special to be involved in a really great community. It’s a really good team with high spirits.” 

“I like the level we’re getting coached at here,” Vanderwolf said. “I think the training and skills are really good. I just want to keep getting better.” 

Although both players are midfielders, they each bring different qualities to Coburg. 

“Ideally, I like to play on the wing. I like having space and creating space. I think I would describe my role as a playmaker,” Vanderwolf said. 

“I’m a little bit of a quick and nimble player that likes to get the ball out of congestion,” Abela said. 

Both players feel like they can showcase their skills at the Lions, having already grown fond of the culture and environment that the club has. 

“I was really impressed by the development program that Coburg has,” Abela said. “There are so many amazing resources. I know the coaching staff, in particular, will encourage me to be a better player and a sharper player.” 

Just like Kristelle Vanderwolf and Dacia Abela, you can commit to the Lions for 2021 by purchasing one of our 2021 memberships which are on sale now! Make sure you keep up to date with all the news from the Lions’ new women’s side by following our new page on Instagram @coburgfcw.