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Destined for Greatness

Nathan Thomas loves the game of football, and remains optimistic that playing football is where he’s meant to be.

Like many young boys, playing football is the chosen sport, luckily enough Nathan realized his love of the game at a young age; fast-forward 15 years, playing VFL football is an accomplishment, and one Nathan is proud of.

Nathan has definitely had his share of highs and lows in terms of various injuries whilst at Coburg, nonetheless, remains confident in consistently putting forward his best work with football “I’ve learnt to always push myself but more importantly gain the experience to better myself as a senior VFL player”.

Nathan continues to impress many with his football skills, when watching Nathan you can instantly conclude; he’s definitely something special when playing football.

I admired how optimistic Nathan was in regards to making the dream of playing AFL football his reality, regardless of his age; Nathan should most definitely remain optimistic as his football skills and demeanor whilst on the field, speaks volumes. “AFL would obviously be great, it’s definitely there”.

Prior to commencing at Coburg, I always assumed Nathan and Daniel Venditti were related or simply confused the two.

They’re both skillful footballers, both part of the leadership group, the only difference would be Ditti sporting the beard. With that said, Nathan prides himself in being a great ‘big brother’ to his mentor group, to ensure they always have a leader and confidant within Nathan.

“The role is to guide the boys, offer advice and guidance but more importantly getting the best out of the younger boys; it’s great to see the younger group of boys doing so well at senior footy”

Regardless of the constant praise Nathan receives as a footballer, Nathan is still wary about constant improvement and the importance of bettering yourself as a footballer “Always train as hard as I can, provide guidance for the younger boys, lead within training and gain experience are all important in shaping me into, a great footballer”.

Coburg Lions will definitely be a powerhouse club in the years to come, aside from the strong culture and brand everyone speaks so highly of; the factor that sets them apart, is the true friendships formed off-field.

Nathan speaks extremely highly of Coburg Lions as a club and the opportunities they provide for the younger boys starting out as VFL footballers as well as the work ethic of Peter German.

The results Germo has been able to achieve in the short amount of time as senior coach is admirable. However, the bond between the players was an important factor in helping Nathan decide his future with the Coburg Lions.

“Being close with the boys, having close friendships definitely helps out on the field; honesty is important in producing the best possible results. I really couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else other than Coburg with the boys, Coburg’s family”.

Nathan isn’t just excelling at Coburg as both a footballer and a valued leader but is also proving to be quite the perfect boyfriend or shall I say fiancé; finally popping the question to his girlfriend Ash of 10 years. I can safely say everyone around the club is extremely happy for both Nathan and Ash.

Nathan is adamant in always pushing himself to ensure he achieves the best possible results in regards to football. Through commitment and belief, Nathan can one day be a terrific professional AFL footballer.