Easton’s Homecoming

The surname Easton is synonymous with many within the circles of the Coburg Football Club.

Craig Easton’s company Easton Builders was the club’s major sponsor for quite some time, while Lincoln Easton was a much respected clubman who served as treasurer for a number of years.

However the Easton legacy at City Oval doesn’t just quite exist off the field. Enter Jordan Easton, the Son of Craig, and the Nephew of Lincoln.

For three seasons, the Old Carey junior made a name for himself with the clubs seconds as a hard-edged inside midfielder, whose courage with regard to his attack on the ball knowing no bounds and carrying a reputation as a tough and uncompromising player with his tackling, all this despite carrying a light frame.

Easton, who was a vital member of the clubs 2012 Development League Premiership side, spent the 2014 season away from Football altogether.

While the 2014 season represented the best chance possible for Easton to play senior VFL football, due to the clubs change to standalone status, Easton couldn’t resist taking the chance of going overseas, spending time in the United States, Europe and Asia with family and friends.

Despite the season off, Easton has the hunger and the determination to prove his worth at Piranha Park and that he has what he takes to play the game. The Coburg Football Club are happy to announce he will return to the club, and has signed for 2015. We are excited to have him back on board for this upcoming season.

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