The Featherstone Show

Lech Featherstone has definitely had a fantastic first year showcasing his talent as a dominant, and standout forward.

Lech definitely has a special story in regards to his football career, he played with TAC Cup club Bendigo Pioneers, but after finishing player under-age football decided to play with Heathcote, as playing the game he loves with friends was an ideal situation.

Through his time playing for Heathcote, Lech played in four grand finals, which resulted in two premierships, an achievement Lech is extremely proud of.

He then moved onto playing for Pascoe Vale where it became increasingly evident, he is destined for bigger things with football.

Winning two best and fairest awards, at 24 years of age, he then made the decision to try his luck with VFL football while he was still young, joined the Coburg Lions and has flourished as Coburg’s key forward.

“I liked the opportunity Coburg presented as a stand alone club and was impressed by the passion from Germo and Leesy and how important it is to give back to the community”.

Football definitely runs through the family as Lech’s uncle Dominic Spillane played with Old Paradians in the 1980s, and was an All-Australian Amateur.

Having the support from family and friends is definitely a big motivator in pushing Lech to perform his best.

“Family and friends love coming to watch, they really enjoy it, as well as enjoy watching me challenge myself”.

Coming through local football has definitely been a transition but the challenging aspects of playing VFL football is probably the biggest motivator in ensuring Lech consistently plays his best.

“VFL is a lot more demanding, requires a lot of dedication but it’s definitely worth it”.

Being one of the main tall players for Coburg is definitely a challenge, however, Lech thrives on mastering a challenge in order to perfect his role within the team.

“I’m always up for a challenge, I always want to do my best for the team, play my role and always work hard”.

Lech really has had a standout year, being selected for the Victorian State squad, being a resilient forward for Coburg, and currently holding the top spot for the leading goal kicker not just for Coburg but also the VFL, are all great achievements.

The special aspect being it’s only Lech’s first year playing VFL football, he’s definitely leaving his mark as a terrific forward. The exciting part is Lech’s adamant in pushing himself to be an even better footballer.

“Playing a state game was really exciting, a great challenge, and I’m always up for a challenge. Being recognized as the leading goal kicker is great but it also shows me how willing I am to work even harder”.

It’s safe to say, the players are extremely loyal in making Coburg a success, the close relationships they all share, the same goal they all hold and overall feeling of Coburg being a home to all the players will definitely contribute to one day making the Coburg Lions unbeatable.

“Coburg is improving each week, if we work hard, put in 100%, we’ll be strong contenders in a couple years. I’m excited to see how Coburg is tracking. I’d rather be kicking no goals and be winning as a team”.

Whether it is playing AFL or VFL, Lech aims to work his hardest for his team and to consistently become a better version of himself, as improving is essential in being a footballer. “Always work hard”.

Lech Featherstone without a doubt is definitely a great footballer, and it’s blatantly clear, Lech’s journey with football is just heating up.