Glascott joins the girls at Coburg

Elly McNerney

The Coburg Football Club is pleased to announce the signing of Abby Glascott for the inaugural senior women’s team.

Glascott started playing footy when she was a teenager, like many of her Lions teammates. Unfortunately, she was forced to the sidelines after a serious injury before making her return to the sport in 2019. 

“I’ve been playing junior football since I was 14 but tore my ACL when I was sixteen, so I had a few years off, then came back last year and played a season at OId Ivanhoe (Football Club),” Glascott said.

Glascott is a versatile player who can play at both ends. She prefers the ball in her hands at either centre-half forward or centre-half back. But in a new team, she knows the importance of camaraderie and success, which are two things she is focusing on this year.

“(I want) to create an environment that can bring the girls up and hopefully I can put a few scores on the board,” she said.

There are a lot of things to be excited about for the Lions’ senior women’s team in 2021, but one factor stands out. In the short time they have been training, the players have already created an amazing culture. 

“What I’m most excited about is just to see where we can get to this season and be around girls and the coaching staff,” Glascott said.

Just like Abby, you can commit to the lions in 2021, by purchasing a 2021 membership, which can be purchased on our website. Make sure you are following @coburgfcw to keep up to date with news from the Coburg Women’s side.