Phil Cleary

clearyPhil joined the club from Coburg Amateur, and unfortunately broke his arm in his first season, however would go on to play some great football. He played in the 1975 reserves premiership and was a major player in the 1979 premiership win, the clubs first in 51 years. Phil went on to play 205 games, which was only the second player to reach the 200 game milestone at the time. Mainly playing as a small forward he kicked 318 goals which is the 4th highest in the clubs history. Awarded Life Membership of the club in 1984, after retirement he went straight into coaching the senior side culminating in the 1988-89 back to back premierships. He continued coaching until 1992, then became President in 1995 and again took on the job in conjunction with Dean Mighell in 2003. Phil was selected as coach of the club’s team of the century.

Eric Lines

areEric started his senior playing career in 1933 after playing in the reserves from 1926. Eric or as named “TIGER” saw his performances with the reserves rated so highly he was appointed captain of the seniors in 1939. But Eric’s contribution to our history is with the reserves, remembering that in the early days the club was split into two separate clubs ‘The firsts” and “reserves,” both with their own committees. Eric was part of our four in a row premierships up until 1930. He then captain & coached the side from 1931 to 1938 which the team finished runners up three times (1931, 1932 and 1936), and were premiers and champions four times (1934, 1935, 1937 and 1938). He also played in the 1939 premiership however would miss the 1940 premiership which was again the forth in a row due to the war. He enlisted in the army in World War II and went overseas. On his return, he came back and coached the reserves once again in 1946. He held the position of senior vice president from 1947 to 1949. For his services to the country he was awarded the MBF. Eric was awarded Life Membership in 1935.

Brad Nimmo

alessioBrad came to the club in 1979 from Essendon and fitted in perfectly into the side which went on to win the 1979 premiership. Brad was second in the best and fairest in 1980, and tried out at AFL level again with Essendon, Nth Melbourne and the Swans. On returning he finished 3rd best and fairest in 1985, he was appointed captain of the club in 1987, leading us to the 1988-89 premierships, reaching the 100 game milestone in 1988 and receiving the best player in the finals award in 1989. Retiring as a player in 1991, he stayed around helping as reserves runner and with senior selection. He was voted captain of the clubs team of the century. Brad was made a life member in 1990 and in his honor the club has named the Best & Fairest runner up award in his name.

Dave Starbuck

areDave started his career with the club in 1945. He played mainly at centre half back with an occasional run in the ruck. It is recorded that he was one of the last association players to use the now forgotten place kick. Many clubs tried to lure him away including a very lucrative offer from Broken Hill. He reached 200 games in 1954 and went on to reach 219 which is still unbeaten and will probably never be. After retirement in 1956 he coached the U19’s for five years winning the 1961 premiership. Dave had conflicting ideas with the club regarding the North Melbourne deal thinking that eventually having the VFL club at Coburg it would ultimately become Coburg and we would be playing in the VFL. He took on the president’s role in 1973-4 and was the clubs major sponsor with his earth moving company for many years. He was a life member in 1956; it was a sad day when the news arrived of his passing. As a side our club was one of the first to play legal bingo in the state and Dave ironically won the first game played. Dave was selected in the clubs team of the century.

Vin Taranto

alessioVin started with our third sixteen and won the best and fairest award in 1983 and came 3rd in 1984. He was to play his first senior game the same year. Vin was 4th in the reserves best and fairest in 1985 and played 4 more senior games. He reached the 50 game milestone in 1988 going on to play in the 1988-89 premierships. He was 2nd in the best and fairest in 1990. He was awarded best club person in 1984 and went on to retire at the end on 1999 becoming second in the clubs games record with 208. He stayed involved as our runner until 2003 and assisted the coaching panel in 2004 and 2005. He was awarded life membership in 1992 and the club has named the Best & Fairest Third place in honor of Taranto & his contribution to the club.

Kevin Breen

alessioKevin came to the club as a junior and played in the thirds in 1971, he finished 3rd in the best and fairest that year. Continuous improvement won him the 1972 best and fairest award for the thirds and also the Gillon Medal for the VFA thirds competition best and fairest. He was placed on the senior list and in 1973 was runner-up in the reserves best and fairest in the same year. Taking out the most improved player award in 1974, he cemented a spot in that years premiership team. Kevin left in 1975 to try out at East Fremantle but was to return to us during 1976 and went on to on to win the reserves best and fairest in 1977. In 1978 he won the clubs outstanding services award and also reached his 50th VFA Senior game. Kevin continued on through 1979, missing out on the selection in the premiership side and as a result he moved on to Werribee in 1980 after 66 senior games with the club. He returned to the club as senior runner for seasons 1988-91 including the back to back premiership sides. He coached the reserves in 1992-93 then took the senior job in 1994-95. In 1996-99 he would serve as an Assistant Coach with Hawthorn, but would return to Coburg in late 2012 to join the Board as its Football Director, an important role as the Lions returned to its stand alone originality. 'Skippy' was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014, and was elected President later that year, taking over from Bill Balakis. In September 2018, Breen was awarded VFL Life Membership for his services to the competition, & subsequently would also be elevated to club Legend status. He finished as president in 2019 after five years of dedicated service in the role and seven years on the board.

Graham Douglas

areGraham came to the club in 1963, playing with the reserves for a couple of seasons. After assisting on several sub-committees he joined the senior committee in 1967 looking after publicity, special efforts and the social club. He initiated organizing bingo in 1977, which at the time was to be the big money earner for the club. Graham was elected Vice President in 1978 and went on to be president in 1981-82. During this time, he wore many hats, he became player advocate at the tribunals from 1984 to 1989 and was elected as the director of the VFA in 1984-85. He was the club’s delegate to the VFA in 1984-89. Graham was Vice President from 1989-94 and 1996, and then became President in 1997 when the club was in great danger of folding. Graham then went onto a more relaxing job of ground announcing in 2003, finishing at the end of the 2014 season. He was elected as a life member in 1976 and received the Lloyd Moss award in 2008. Graham is one of the clubs greatest officials having given 50 years of his service. The best club person award is named after him in his honor, awarded annually at the end of each season.

Ian Liversidge

areIan joined the club as a player in 1966 playing all his time in the reserves. He was interested in the social side of the club and assisted in bar work after senior games. Ian opened the old small kiosk and managed to serve hot foods for several years. He joined the senior committee in 1974 mostly working on the social side. Bingo then started and he spent two nights a week at various venues trying to get it off the ground successfully. He was elected vice president in 1978, players advocate at the tribunals from 1981-99. Took on the presidency in 1983-4, vice president again 85-91, 1999; Treasurer 1986-9 and again 1996-7. He also served as Chairman of the Board of directors 1987-8 and Operated the scoreboard for all three teams from 1990-2000. He was awarded the Gillon award for services for the VFA in 2001, the Lloyd Moss award in 2009 and club life membership in 1977. He was also awarded VFL life membership in 2015. Ian sadly passed away in April 2019.

Trevor Price

trevor price

Trevor came to us from West Essendon in 1969 and slotted into a defensive role earning him a place in the 1970 premiership team. He continued to improve and in 1972 he was awarded the most improved player award. He reached 50 games in 1973 and went on to play in his second premiership in 1974. Trevor reached 100 games 1978 and went on to play in the 1979 premiership team. He became only one of the two triple premiership players still with us today. He departed in 1980 to further his career at Werribee, he played several years there but was is remembered as Coburg man. Trevor was never a great poller of best and fairest votes but was a great inspiration with his aggressive style of play, which certainly kept apposing forwards looking over their shoulders. Whilst Trevor was around, the opposition were very wary of what they got up to. Trevor was made a life member of the club in 1978 and was selected in our team of the century. Trevor was inducted into the inaugural Hall of Fame in 2013 and elevated to legend status in 2014 his name and performances are always linked and associated with the great players of Coburg.

Jim Sullivan

areJim came to the club in 1960 and played in the 3rds 16. He won the best and fairest and also the Gillon Medal (the VFA best and fairest award). He left and tried himself with Carlton and North Melbourne with little success. A casual approach to football the club talked him back in 1965 to try out in the seniors. In 1967 he found his way, winning the Liston Medal the VFA’s best and fairest award. Off again to Claremont for another crack at the big time, he returned to Coburg in 1969 still showing great form taking out the Fields Trophy, VFA’s 2nd Division best and fairest award. The following year played in the 1970 premiership team. Jim played 86 games mainly as a centreman and was made a life member in 1979. Strangely he did not win a senior club award. One of the clubs most decorated players Jim is a member of the clubs team of the century and the clubs Best & Fairest Award is named in honor of him.

Gary Sheldon

areGary Sheldon joined Coburg from East Keilor in 1980, in his first year with the club, he finished 3rd in the Reserves best and fairest and 2nd in 1981. With some senior games under his belt in 1980 and 1981 he grew in his confidence at the level and in 1982 Gary improved to the point that he won the club’s Senior Best and Fairest.
Coming out of the backline with elite left foot kicking Gary had the opposition coaches trying to tag him out of games such was his influence as a running backman.
He came 3rd in the Senior 1986 best and fairest then in 1988 went on to not only win the club’s Best and Fairest (his second) but also took out the Liston Trophy for the Best and Fairest in the VFA Division 1 competition.
Gary tied for the 1988 Liston Trophy with Brett McTaggart from Williamstown FC.
Gary played in the 1988-89 VFA Division 1 Premiership teams and later came 3rd and then 2nd respectively in the 1989 and 1992 Best and Fairest counts.
Gary retired in 1992 with 160 Senior games under his belt and was selected in the club’s Team of the Century and was also awarded Life Membership in 1991.
Gary is one of the club’s greatest players and was recognized with elevation to Club Legend status in September 2018, one of only 11 club legends to be awarded that honour at the time.


Robert Evans

evans Robert came to the club in 1984 from Tullamarine as a forward but would later become one of the clubs finest fullbacks. Rob won the best and fairest award in year 1985. In 1986 after 8 rounds he was offered a chance with Footscray and left the club to give it a try but he returned in 1987 bringing up his 50th game for the club. In 1988 Rob disappointingly missed the premiership team through suspension, but returned to be part of the 1989 premiership team. He would depart the club for Western Australia with Subiaco in 1991 leaving us after 97 games, falling short of the 100 game milestone.  It wasn’t long before Rob came on board the committee in 1996 and became vice president in 1997. In 1998 rob was elected president which was a daunting time ahead for the club. The club tried a partnership with the dying Fitzroy Football Club with the hope to getting the Victorian support. This partially succeeded for the first year then it was gone at the end of the 2000 season. The club was on its knees with a committee left of about 5 people and it resulted in Rob spending hours trying got get an alliance with an AFL club. Rob made a last gasp ring around before we switched out the lights. He fell onto the Richmond Football Club who had just been let down by Williamstown as they signed with Collingwood, after having assured Richmond they were going with them. Fortunately the new life sprung into Rob and the club and after many meetings the deal was done and the clubs future was saved becoming "Coburg Tigers Football Club" in the process. Rob was made a life member of our club in 1999.

Rae Liversidge

areRae came to the club in 1992 just to help her brother out; she took on the job of secretary and remained until the end of 2000. These years were tough and the club was in a gradual slide, new insurance rules were invoked and Rae had the job of sorting out the best program and to get all the players registered and signed. All claims for this had to come back through her. She was basically working full time at the club as a volunteer. In 1993 she organised a ladies committee which ran shopping sprees’ chocolate drives and a fashion parade using player’s girlfriends and players. Rae organised most of the printing, even used her own paper and computer when needed. She also handled all the advertising as well as assisting in the running events. With the amount of work involved with the Fitzroy connection, the job was getting too much for a part time person and so the club went on to hire a full time manager. She stayed on working on the committee before calling it a day in 2001. Rae was made a life member of the club in 1998.

Norm Tobitt

areNorm came to the club in 1946. He had the task as 1st aid attendant which he carried out until 1948, he was then appointed head trainer and held that position for the next 18 years in a voluntary role. Norm was awarded life membership in gratitude for his long service in 1951.

Laurie Burt

areLaurie commenced with the club in 1975 from the St. Andrews club. Quickly establishing himself as a top player he came runner up in the best and fairest in 1976 and backed it up with a 4th placing in 1977 taking out the most determined award. Winning the best and fairest in 1978, he was runner up in the Liston Trophy in 1979 and played in the premiership that year, also winning his second best and fairest award in the process. He reached the 100 game milestone in 1980 and was appointed captain in 1981, becoming only the second player ever to win a 3rd best and fairest. He played his 150th game in 1983 retiring at the end of that year with 157 games, and moved to Wangaratta to continue a great coaching career. Laurie was made a life member belatedly in 2003 and was selected in our team of the century.

Ken Ingram

areKen joined the club playing as a junior in our 3rd 16 winning and placed 2nd in their best and fairest in 1984. He was awarded the best team player award in 1985, which he was then rewarded with a spot on the senior list in 1986. Fortunately he gained a spot in the grand final team, and then was voted as the most improved player in 1987. Ken went on to play in the 1988-89 premiership teams, and became runner up in the 1989 best and fairest. In 1990, Ken won the best and fairest (his first of two) and in 1992-3 came 3rd. Reaching his 100th game in 1992, he was awarded with the clubs captaincy, setting a great example for the other players coming through. Ken won the best and fairest in 1996. He then reached his 150th game that same season, which we saw the last of the “bear” playing for Coburg. Ken was awarded with life membership in 1993 and was selected in our clubs team of the century.

Jim Jenkins

areJim was a 6’4 ruckman who originated from Tasmania. Jim started playing for St. Kilda in the early 20’s before joining Coburg in 1925. He was a major player in the hat-trick of the 1926-7-8 premierships. He won the best and fairest award in 1928 and again in 1931. He was awarded captain in 1929 serving that position until 1931.  Jim played 184 games as a ruckman and was selected in our team of the century in his preferred position.

Henry Kerley

areHenry (or Gary as he was called) came to Coburg as an ex Collingwood, St Kilda and Port Melbourne player in 1923. He also was the captain of Rutherglen in 1924 before arriving at Coburg during the time of its admission to the VFA in 1925. Playing in Coburg’s first ever game “Harry” kicked 5 goals steering the club to victory over Geelong. Henry played in the 1926-7-8 Premierships. Henry won the best and fairest twice, in 1929 and again in 1930. He played 86 games and kicked 126 goals mainly playing at centre half forward. He was selected in the clubs team of the century.

George Parry

areGeorge spent a lifetime at the club. In 1954 he would take race results and other game scores to the scoreboard for display which was done in those days. In 1960 he was involved with the 3rds taking on timekeeping for the next 23 years. He joined the senior committee in 1976 and was involved in helping run the bingo at the town hall two nights a week. Just to keep busy on Sundays he worked in the kiosk for 33 years. In the last few years George had a more relaxing role selling footy records at the gate. He was awarded the Lloyd Moss Trophy 2010 and awarded life membership in 1982. In recognition of his service the club has named the boardroom, “The George Parry Boardroom”. George sadly passed away in February 2013, a clubman that will surely be missed.

Fred Cook

areFred first joined the committee in 1949 and was elected to the position of Vice President in 1951-57 and was chairman of the kiosk committee. In 1952 Fred became chairman of the social club. He had a target of L1300 to find, being a well organised group they attained that amount. In the following seasons, the group raised an enormous amount to assist the club. Fred among other tasks took up the role of assistant secretary in 1956-8, he didn’t see a lot of the football the tasks of raising funds took priority, working the gates until ¾ time and helping the kiosk when required. When we were sold out to North Melbourne he came on deck as assistant secretary in 1965 and put he many hours walking the streets letter box dropping leaflets to rid us of the council members that gave the grounds away. Fred held that position until 1976. Fred was made a life member in 1952, he basically retired with over 50 years services to the club.

Ernest “Snowy” Martin


“Snowy” came to the club in 1925 from Carlton and had an immediate impact. He played as a wingman in both 1926-7 premierships winning the clubs best & fairest in the VFA’s Recorder Cup (equivalent to the Liston) in 1927. He left to try his luck elsewhere, but returned in 1931 and again won the best & fairest in 1932 playing a total of 78 games for the club. His impact in the periods he played left indelible memories of what players of that era went through, but inevitably returned to the club that gave them a chance.

Clarrie Butcher

areClarrie came to the club in 1961, winning the best clubman award and the best utility player for the reserves that season. In 1961 Clarrie was elected as captain of the VFA reserves team to play a combined team from the mountain districts. He went on to win the reserves best & fairest in 1962. His playing career finished with 23 senior games but many more in the reserves. He joined the club committee in 1979 serving through to 1990 and he organised various half time events to amuse the crowd such as kicking contests and junior games consisting of local schools. He was our clubs junior development officer and took on running the 3rds as coach, assistant coach and team manager for 10 years. As junior development officer he coached under age teams and organised the VFA night series. The VFA took him on to select the North V South 3rds representative teams. Clarrie was a selector of the team of the century and he was made a life member in 1984. Clarrie unfortunately passed away in February, 2020.

Alan Walsh


Alan came on board with the club in 1984 assisting with our 3rds team, where his son was a member of the playing group at the time. He joined the senior committee in 1987, but his main interests remained with our younger players. He was manager in the 3rds in 1988 premiership as well as looking after their property, also to raise funds for the thirds the club gave the kiosk to them so they could find finance themselves, Alan took a large part of this. Alan took on the role of  property steward in 1990 until he officially retired from the role on the eve of the 2015 season. He was elected vice president of the club in 1995-6 and was awarded with life membership of the club in 1993. In 2007 he was awarded the Lloyd Moss Trophy. He returned to the board for the 2008 season, going on to become vice-president in 2009 and served as president for a brief period, before resigning from the board in December 2014.

Michael Erwin

alessioMick came to the club in 1968 as a player from Richmond, unfortunately received a severe facial injury after only 4 games that season and didn't play again that season. In 1969 he was appointed senior coach(playing) and he immediately set the example of discipline, and fitness and demanded it of all creating the respect of players and officials. The team reached the finals but after leading the field all season went out in straight sets. The disappointment of the previous year was passed and with a few new local players the side rejuvenated itself into a powerhouse respected by all, going on to win the 1970 premiership the first in 42 years. Mick again played an inspirational role having a severe facial wounds but led the team home. Dedication, teamwork and desperation were Micks trademarks. He coached on in first division through 1971-2 winning the club best and fairest award, but the club struggled with the lack of players required for success. He eventually moved on to arch rival Port Melbourne to play in a flag. Mick was selected in the clubs team of the century and returned to serve a brief stint on the board in 2015-16.

Kerion Lawson


Kerion came to the club in 1970 from Carlton. Success in his first season followed, with a 4th placing in the best and fairest and playing in the premiership team, kicking 52 goals for the season. Another premiership was won in the 1974 reserves competiton who were undefeated for the season, as he won the best and fairest for the club and also the VFA competition. After 42 senior games for 67 goals, he moved on to finish his career in the VFA with Camberwell but would return to coach the reserves team in 1994. He joined the past players committee and eventually took on the role of president in 2003, a position he still holds to this day. Kerion stood down for a couple of years, but would remain as vice president in an endeavor to attract more people to get involved. He has been the main drive behind reunions for all the premiership teams. He was made a life member of the club in 2010 for his years of service in an effort to keep the club on top.

Nick Carnell

After finishing his underage football with the Northern Knights at the end of 2005, Carnell bypassed the Knights aligned Northern Bullants & found himself at the Coburg City Oval. After sporadic senior appearances in 2006, Carnell was elevated to the Leadership Group & established himself as a regular in 2007, & would play in the clubs disappointing Grand Final loss to Geelong, its first in 18 years. Notching up his 50th game in 2008, Carnell was awarded the Captaincy in for the 2009 season. As the clubs fortunes started to fade following the promising results from seasons 2006-08, Carnell's loyalty shone through it all. Despite the departures of many of his teammates, Carnell was credited with holding the club together through the final years of the Richmond alignment. His leadership was important as ever during the aligned-stand alone transition, and notched up game 150 in 2014. Awarded Life Membership in the same season, Carnell would retire in 2015 with 168 games and 124 goals to his name, & was elevated to the Hall of Fame in April 2016. On five occasions, he was awarded the Jeff Angwin Most Courageous Player Award.

Robert “Patchy” Wilkinson

wilko“Patchy” came to us in 1947, the club was struggling in those years after the war. He and his brother Henry were regular players with the club, Patchy played his 100th game during the 1953 season going on to reach 137 games. A very consistent performer on the field winning best utility player awards on three occasions and the best team player awards. After retirement as a player Patchy took on the task as a trainer and acted in that capacity for some 17 years and was also working for the council as groundsman of the city oval, he just couldn’t keep away. Patchy was awarded life membership in 1960.

Ray “Slug” Jordon

jordanRay came to us in 1956 but a clearance dispute prevented him playing until the following season. He had games with Richmond under 18’s but he didn’t want to play seconds so he headed off to play with Loch in the Wonthaggi league. He played cricket with Barney Jones who was a Coburg footballer and he suggested he join him, and proved to be an immediate success winning the 1957 best first year player award and representing the VFA representative side at the Tasmanian Carnival in 1960, 61 and 62. Ray won the clubs best and fairest 1959, 1960 and 1961 being the only player to win three in a row and is one of two to win the award three times. He captained the senior side in 1961 and 1962. He retired after breaking an arm in 1962 and making a couple of small comebacks in the finals of 1963.. Ray retired on 98 games and 169 goals. He was selected in our team of the century and history tells us he went on to become one of the greatest under age coaches in the history of the VFL taking Richmond’s thirds to 5 premierships. Unfortunately we lost Ray late in 2012, an all-time great of the Coburg Football Club.

Linton Jones

areLinton came to the club in 1973 with good credentials as an accountant and took up the role as treasurer. During this time he had great pleasure running functions to draw money from anyone who came along. He drew the nickname “scrooge” as he wouldn’t part with the club money unless there was a good reason which he believed was true. He was a major contributor to the organizing of Bingo in 1977 when it was first legalised. After standing down for a few years he was enticed back to the job in 1992 until 1995. A lapse occurred through to 1998 / 99 and acted as an assistant treasurer in between. He was an inaugural member of our coterie group and was awarded the Lloyd Moss award in 2011, and was made a life member of the club in 1994.

Lance Collins

areLance joined the club in 1935 from the Mallee town of Beulah. In his second season in 1936, he kicked 116 goals becoming the leading goal kicker in the VFA and earned selection in the representative team. His best was 16 against Sandringham. Melbourne attempted to get him in 1938 but a dispute between clubs saw Lance miss the last half of the season. In 1939 the problems were sorted and Lance played kicking 108 goals and being runner up in our best and fairest. He was appointed captain coach in 1940 and he played out at centre half forward performing a dangerous partnership with Bob Pratt. He kicked 73 goals in 1941 from centre half forward and took the club into finals, also winning the best and fairest. His career spanned 98 games kicking 434 goals. Lance then moved to Carlton in 1942, unfortunately he had a dispute over finances, however it was eventually resolved. In 1947 Coburg was very persistent to have him back at the club, unfortunately a sponsorship arrangement fell through and we lost the opportunity. Lance was selected in the clubs team of the century and is said to be one of the greatest players to represent the club.

Frank Connor

areFrank joined the committee in 1961, at a time when unfortunately a group of committee people sold the club out and the council allocated the ground to North Melbourne for the season 1965 resulting in training at Brunswick and games played at Port Melbourne. Frank took up the challenge as President and with a new committee, he walked the streets of Coburg campaigning against the councillors that voted us off. The result was that 8 councillor members lost their seats, meaning that the new people voted in, tossed North Melbourne off and reinstated us to the oval. In appreciation of his hard work and countless hours of volunteer work, the club awarded him life membership, as he saved the club from extinction. Frank continued on as President until 1972.

Clarrie Mears

areClarrie, came to the club from East Brunswick, in 1925 when the club was admitted. He was one of the first players to represent the club to the VFA. Clarrie won the best and fairest award in 1925-6 and played in our first premiership team in 1926. Unfortunately he missed out on the 1927 premiership due to injury. Back in the side in 1928 he went on with 25 goals in the season to again play for Coburg, winning the premiership. Clarrie was made a life member in 1935, being one of the first players to ever receive that distinction. On retirement in 1936 Clarrie had played 160 games and kicked 278 goals. Clarrie was recently honoured by being selected in our team of the century, an all time champion rover for the club.

Brian Allison

areBrian came across from Essendon in 1981 as a hard at it rover, opposition players soon found out how hard. He missed quite a few games at the wrath of the umpires but whilst he was around other players seemed to grow another leg. He won the most determined award in 1983 and reached his 50th game in 1984. Was selected on many occasions to represent the VFA in carnival matches. He played his 100th games in 1989 and went on to play in the premiership side in 1988 and 1989. His ability was recognized when he was selected in our team of the century; Brian played in 174 games and kicked 150 goals in his long tough career. Brian was made a life member in 1990 a great club person.

Anthony Alessio

alessioAnthony came to us in 1991 from Footscray; he was awarded the best in the finals award for our reserves team in his first season. In 1992 he excelled winning our senior best & fairest and was runner up in 1993 and 94. He was appointed captain of the club in 1997 and held that position till 2000. He represented the VFA on numerous occasions and was elected captain of the representative VFA team that played in Tasmania. In recent years the VFL have utilized his talent as a selector and assistant coach for the representative teams. During his time “Cess” topped our goal kicking on no less than 5 occasions, a club record even. Unfortunately the club was at an extreme low at the time of his playing career but he showed tremendous loyalty in tough times, despite numerous approaches by rival clubs. He was awarded life membership in 1999.

Bryan Wells

areThe club was fortunate to get Bryon on board in 1965, the year the council sold us out to North Melbourne which was a big coup at the time. In 1966 he stood and won a seat on council which gave the club great representation where it counted. 1972 he was elected mayor of Coburg which strengthened our position. Bryan held the position of secretary right through to 1979, which saw us win 3 premierships. He was the clubs delegate on the VFA board and was eventually made a life member of the VFA, he was awarded with the Order of Australia for services to the community and made a life member of our club in 1970.

Jack Harris

areJack began his career in 1924-5 with South Melbourne before coming to Coburg in 1926. A wise choice as the club won the premiership and then went on to win the 1927 and 28 flags giving him a hat-trick of premierships. Unfortunately he also suffered three consecutive grand final losses in 1932-3-4 runner-up all three times to Northcote; he was captain of the 1934 grand final team. But history has Jack as the most capped grand final player for our club (6). Jack played 191 games being the now 4th highest on record for our club. For his services he was awarded life membership in 1936 and was elected to our team of the century. He went on to coach West Coburg in 1937 capping off a brilliant and outstanding career.

Maurice Gale

areMaurice came to us in 1969 from Carlton, proving his worth he won the best & fairest in his first year, and came in third place in 1970 where he was an integral member of the premiership team. Again in 1971 he won the best & fairest, was the clubs leading goal kicker and also placed 3rd in the Liston Trophy. In 1973 he amazingly ran 3rd in the reserves best & fairest playing only 4 games. Voted the most effective player in 1974 and again he played a large role in the premiership team, also playing his 100th game for the club during the season. Runner-up in the 1975 best & fairest, Maurice played 129 games and kicked 213 goals; he retired from the VFA to join Eltham in 1976 leaving behind a memorable and brilliant record. Gale was awarded Life Membership in 2016.

Colin Kinnear

alessioColin came to the club in 1975 to coach a reserve team that had come off winning the second division premiership. He set about the task introducing his own style and in his first season won a premiership making Coburg the first and only club to win back to back premierships having come up from second division. He went on to win again in 1976. Being successful in his first two years saw Colin promoted to the senior coaching role in 1977, bring a fast play on style of football which was proving to be a winner, unfortunately the club lost out in the preliminary final. Recruiting some fresh young players locally, the ideas and hard work paid off and the premiership was won in 1979 and looked good for a second one in 1980 after leading all day but were unable to defeat Port Melbourne. Colin moved on to coach North Melbourne reserves then to the senior coaching job at Sydney Swans. After his time at Sydney ended, he returned to Melbourne with Carlton where he served as their Chairman of Selectors, General Manager of Football and General Manager of Special Projects for over a decade. Colin was made a life member of our club in 1980 leaving a great contribution to our clubs history.

Allan Eade

alessio The former Collingwood footballer spent several years at the Coburg City Oval culminating in an impressive resume including the Best & Fairest awards in 1983 & 1987, a member of the 1988 & 98 Premiership sides, & representation of the VFA State Side on five occasions, where he once Captained the side. A dual A.Todd Medallist, Eade was also a club vice captain & was named in Coburg's Team of the Century as an emergency.

Keith Fewkes

areKeith came to the club from Merlynston Football Club in 1948 and was an immediate success at fullback. By 1950 Keith had played his 50th game and won the clubs best and fairest award and in 1951 he was awarded the most consistent player award. Reaching the 100 game milestone in 1953 he picked up the most effective award in the same season. In 1954 he kicked his first goal for the club after 129 games. 1956 he was awarded the best clubman award and reached the 150 game milestone. He retired after playing 166 games for the club mostly a full back and being responsible for big roles on the opposition forwards. He returned to coach the thirds in 1964 for the one year, then again returned to coach the team in 1974 for two more seasons. He was made a life member of the club in 1958. During his time he was approached VFL in 1954 to play with both Essendon and Carlton but our club refused a clearance on the grounds that he was a defiantly required player.

Daniel Venditti


Daniel Venditti arrived in Melbourne after 41 games in the WAFL with Perth Demons, however spent most of his time in the reserves. Arriving at the City Oval with doubts over whether or not he could cut it at VFL Level, Venditti after outstanding Reserves performances in 2012 would establish himself as a Senior VFL player, culminating in a 3rd place in that seasons Best & Fairest. With the departures of many key personnel for 2013, Venditti would become Coburg's prime onballer, and won that seasons Best & Fairest in the last year of the alignment. In the first year of the stand alone return, Venditti would be elevated to the Vice-Captaincy, and it brought out an even better season in 2014, winning the Best & Fairest again, this time in a tie with Adam Saad. 12 Months later, another repeat resulted- this time with Michael Hartley. In what was unfortunately a blow for the club, Venditti departed on the eve of the 2016 season to take up a work opportunity in London when he loomed all along as the likely candidate to succeed Nick Carnell as Captain.