The Coburg Football Club is pleased to announce a new corporate partnership for the club with Hutchinson Builders partnering with the club.   Hutchinson Builders are the contractors that are currently completing the full redevelopment of the Piranha Park football and administration facility.

The much anticipated re-opening of the newly refurbished Piranha Park is in full swing, with the project ahead of schedule and soon to ready for the early part of the 2021 football season. 

In December 2020, we had the opportunity to hear from the Project Manager from Hutchinson Builders, Nick Scott, who was able to give some exciting information regarding the redevelopment.

When asked about what he believes the most exciting aspects of the build are from Hutchinson Builders perspective, he stated, “We have been pretty excited it’s a good little project for us, these types of (projects) are always a little bit challenging for us as it’s a refurbishment job”, as opposed to an entirely new project.  Throughout the year Hutchinson Builders  had to navigate the challenges that came with Covid-19 restrictions, noting that they “managed to get through it,  stay on track and are looking forward to providing you with a  pretty good facility for next year.”

Shifting focus to what the players, fans and everyone associated with the Club can look forward to, Scott was able to shine a light on what he believes are the key features of the project.  Scott believes, “the social space at the top is the place to be.”  The area provides fans a nice vantagepoint to “sit out and have a beer and watch the footy”, anticipating that it will a “favourite spot” for fans once they are welcomed back.  As is the case with this type of project, improving the facilities is focal point that Nick and his team focused on.  “We come in here early this year and it definitely needed a bit of love this building, so it’s nice to be able to improve that facility for you guys.”

Continuing on from that, Scott also mentioned other improvements the fans will be able to look forward to, informing us that there will be new grandstand seating  installed.  “We’ve put new seating up on the grandstand so that’ll be much improved from the previous seating, so it’ll be a much better experience for the fans.”

The Coburg players will have access to much improved facilities at Piranha Park.  When asked about the new facilities, Scott said, “ It’s certainly a much improved facility with nice new finishes.”   Along with the flashy new finishes, the players also will enjoy a change in the layout, with a “much more open space than it was” prior to the redevelopment. 

Coburg Football Club General Manager Sebastian Spagnuolo also provided comment saying “In 2017 we set out to really get the ball rolling on the redevelopment of the Piranha Park facilities and with the financial support of the Victorian State Government, the Moreland City Council and the AFL aswell as the work that Is being done now by Hutchinson Builders, we are really excited for our players, staff and members that our club will have the best AFL State League football facilities In the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

This redevelopment has been a long time in the making and in 2021 we can’t wait to highlight all of the hard work done by many and open the doors to the Coburg and wider Moreland based community.”