Jackson Davies, the 2019 Northern Knights Captain, has signed a two-year deal with Coburg Football Club.

The Lions 2020 pre-season has delivered once again, recruiting the comfortable rebounding defender who can also dominate on the wing.

Across the 2018 and 2019 NAB League seasons, Davies played 30 games where he also kicked 2 goals for the Knights.

Speaking after becoming a Lion, Davies said “I like how it’s a family friendly place and I’ve got a few mates here as well, so that was probably the main thing that attracted me. I like playing at the highest level I can and playing VFL is the highest level I can right now.”

The young talent worked hard on his leadership skills during his time as skipper at the Northern Knights in 2019.

“I think I’ve just been developing it (leadership skills) more lately. I don’t think I’m a natural leader, but it is starting to become a real asset in my game and personality. It was a bit of a challenge early but later in the year I really enjoyed it , it was a fun experience.”

Davies joins a familiar face and previously announced new signing, Josh D’Intinosante, both former Knights who will don the red and blue.

“Josh is abit of a fun character so that will be good fun playing with him again,” he said.

Davies is now looking to ensure he is in best shape ahead of 2020.

“I’m working to just get fitter and stronger to get to that VFL standard. I’m probably a bit small compared to most the guys at training so, just wanting to get a bit bigger before the season starts.”

Coburg Senior Coach Andrew Sturgess says Davies transition into the VFL will not only develop his game further, but leadership attributes too.

“The expectation will be that he comes in and wants to learn, improve, and understand what our systems and expectations are. Then he will be able to pick up on our leadership attributes of our already established leaders Pete McEvoy and Ryan Exon following their lead.

“From our end there is no expectation he comes in and does it (lead) from day one because his been a captain in the past. Certainly, it will be something he grows into overtime that comes out both on the field and off the field.”

Sturgess is impressed with the versatility of Davies game.

“The fact that he can play both defence and, on the wing, gives himself greater opportunities to get selected every week. He reads the play really well from down back, his got really good understanding of when he needs to defend, and other times where he can drop off and intercept marks which is probably a real feature of his game. I think what he has really developed over time is that real attacking nature to his game. His a really good kick with the football and really clean with his disposals.

“The wing is going to be somewhere with abit more opportunity as well so if he can develop that part of his game a little bit further and build up his tank over the pre- season then he will give himself an opportunity to play there as well.”

Sturgess continues to insist the club’s focus is signing quality people to represent the club.

“Jackson comes from a great family I know them personally, so I know his got really good family values and I know his quite grounded. He will fit in with our club because of what he brings as a person which is what we are about and hopefully he can have a good year in 2020 and beyond.”

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