Lions lock stars away for 2019!

By Jack Kovacic

Coburg has announced a list of 10 re-signings after a number of key players have committed to the club for 2019.

Headlining the list are Vice Captain Peter McEvoy, defender Jesse Corigliano, exciting forward Sam Lowson and industrious midfielder Luke Bunker.

Joining them are the first year duo Marcus Lentini and Harry Nolan who have both had outstanding debut VFL seasons in the midfield and defence respectively. Both have been named Lion of the Round this season.

Youngsters Jack Murphy, Billy Cannolo and Jackson McDonald have all been given significant VFL game time in 2018 and have also signed on for another season at Piranha Park.

Developing tall Adam Swierzbiolek who has also come into the side in recent weeks and played an important role as the second string ruckman rounds out the first 10 re-signings for 2019.

Current Vice Captain Peter McEvoy highlighted why he was delighted to be re-committing for a 4th year at Piranha Park by saying “I believe that the transition period for the club from development into a consistently competitive team is very close.”

“Given the opportunities and faith the club has shown me, I desperately want to help us move into this phase and strongly believe the coaching team and playing group we have will get us there,” McEvoy said.

He said he can see a big improvement coming from the club next season.

“I’m very excited about the approach to coaching Leigh has implemented and the key spine of players that will stay with the club for 2019,” McEvoy said, “Our fundamental understanding of how we want to play has been established this year and our knowledge of each other’s games will only increase.”

Corigliano is another who is delighted to return to the club for what will be his fifth season at Piranha Park.

“I’ve been at the club for a while now and I am really passionate about bringing the club back to being a competitive and powerful outfit in the VFL competition,” he said, “Hearing all of the past players and club legends talk about the footy club makes me want to stick around to help continue to build as a footy club.”

“I’ve made heaps of mates from being here and couldn’t envisage myself playing anywhere else.”

Corigliano says there is a clear picture for the club’s future, and there is a great group of coaches, staff and players that are competitive and driven to win.

“I think a lot of us are starting to understand how being selfless contributes to team success and when we do this and play to our game plan the way we want to, we are a really good footy side and that’s been shown particularly over the last month,” he said.

Luke Bunker is another who has been at the club for multiple seasons, having previously won the Phil Cleary Rising Star award in 2017. Making the decision to re-sign was an easy one for the midfielder.

“I wanted to re-sign with the club because of the relationships I’ve made with both the players and coaches,” Bunker said, “I’ve made a lot of great mates at this football club and love representing Coburg.”

He has seen big improvements made this season and can see the club is heading in the right direction.

“We have such a young group and have been learning a new game plan this year so coming into 2019 with a lot of learnings from this year, with a young group that has experienced a lot together this year will be very exciting”

Coburg General Manager Sebastian Spagnuolo says the signings ‘provide further proof that we’re on the right track with a united group of players’ with the club focused on ‘keeping together a core of current players at the club in 2019’

He also said “A lot of work has been happening behind the scenes in consultation with the coaching group and club management so to get the first 10 re-signings locked away prior to the end of the current season ensures that our club is in a great position keep a contingent of current players at the club in 2019.”

When asked about the 10 re-signings, Spagnuolo added “There’s a great mix of players from first year debutants to experienced fifth year players like Jesse Corigliano and over the next few weeks we aim to be in a position to announce further re-signings. Internally we have spoken about player retention as well as the continual improvement of the list and it’s something that we’re set out to achieve. These commitments get us off to a great start and these 10 players have received great reward for their hard work, great performances and continual development in 2018.”

The first ten in the 2019 den!
#2 Jesse Corigliano – Joined Coburg in 2015, 33 games, 1 goal
#11 Luke Bunker – Joined Coburg in 2017, 19 games, 4 goals
#12 Peter McEvoy – Joined Coburg in 2016, 45 games, 59 goals
#18 Sam Lowson – Joined Coburg in 2017, 21 games, 22 goals
#22 Adam Swierzbiolek – Debut VFL season in 2018, 4 games, 3 goals
#23 Jackson McDonald – Joined Coburg in 2017, 12 games, 0 goals
#32 Billy Cannolo – Joined Coburg in 2017, 16 games, 8 goals
#37 Jack Murphy – Debut VFL season in 2018, 13 games, 4 goals
#42 Marcus Lentini – Debut VFL season in 2018, 16 games, 6 goals
#43 Harry Nolan – Debut VFL season in 2018, 13 games, 0 goals

Are any of these players a chance to take home the coveted 2018 Jim Sullivan Medal?

Be there to find out on Friday September 14th, head to https://bit.ly/2vJjajx for more event details or call the club on 03 9354 8228 to reserve your spot.