On My Way

10849782_726928364029024_8231540732844964312_nAaron Christensen is definitely something special when it comes to football, excelling in both Calder Cannons as well as Coburg Lions; he’s definitely a player to watch.

Aaron currently has the best of both worlds; by playing U18s for the Calder Cannons as well as Coburg Lions it gives Aaron the opportunity to showcase his football skills as well as allow supporters conclude he is in fact a rising talent.

Aaron’s grown up surrounded by football his entire life, having his dad play with both the Western Bulldogs as well as Geelong in the 1980s, following in his dads footsteps was a no brainer; playing football just came naturally.

“Football was the perfect fit for me”.

Transitioning from Calder to Coburg has been somewhat different, but good different; having the support from family especially his mum Laraine, ultimately motivates Aaron to perform to the best of his abilities.

As a young aspiring footballer, Aaron’s journey with Coburg was initially just a few short weeks, however, Aaron’s not only pleased the coaching staff and players but also the loyal Coburg fans with his football skills.

“Playing at VFL level it’s different, a lot faster, a lot tougher and more challenging, but it’s making me step-up as a player and I need the challenge”.

Whilst chatting with Aaron you can instantly recognize the mental strength and maturity he oozes when talking about his football career, as a young player aspiring to one day play football professionally, having the mental strength is a necessity.

As Aaron turns 19 later this year, the chance to be drafted last year was a possibility, however as Aaron wasn’t picked up by an AFL team, the disappointment you feel in time becomes the ultimate motivator to ensure you do succeed and one day fulfill that dream to play professional football.

“You don’t give up, it’s disappointing, but you can always become a better version of yourself and there are always pathways, just keep moving forward”.

The relationship Coburg and Calder Cannons have is great, it gives the younger boys an opportunity to move onto playing VFL level with Coburg; a club that’s building their brand as well as a place everyone calls home.

Aaron is a great role model for the other Calder boys as his journey with Coburg has been nothing but positive.

“Instantly the boys made me feel great, extremely welcoming, the leadership boys made me feel at ease, my time here is really enjoyable and I can definitely see myself being here next year”.

Being only 19 years of age, Aaron recognizes the opportunity to consistently better himself as a footballer to ensure that his skills don’t go unrecognized, skills such as; great marking, speed and a great kick.

The journey towards ensuring a successful career in football is hard work, requires a lot of dedication and commitment, one I believe Aaron can most defiantly achieve.

General manager Craig Lees has only positive things to say about Aaron and the relationship Coburg has with the Calder Cannons.

“Aaron has acquitted himself extremely well in the VFL and it was a credit to himself and the Calder Cannons.” Lees said.

“Positivity, it’s the most important thing”. Christensen noted.

I’m positive Aaron’s something special when it comes to football; mark my words, in the years to come, Aaron will definitely be a great professional footballer.

“We want all Calder players that play for Coburg this season to feel apart of our strong culture and to know that they are an integral part of our club.”

“We would like to think that all Calder players see Coburg as their first choice club in 2015.”

“We are a standalone club that’s building a strong culture through Germo’s coaching and the new management as well as having the ability to play 23 players every week which will help young men develop; evident in promising players such as McConnell and Blair this season.

“Aaron has acquitted himself extremely well in the VFL and it was a credit to himself and the Calder Cannons.” Lees said.”