Past Players and Officials Association


1956 Jack Scanlon [president] Ian Irvine [secretary] Vin Cahir [treasurer] played Nth Melbourne past players as a fund raiser game

1958 Raised 200 pounds for anti cancer in another game with Nth Melb. PP&O.

1960 Held two reunion dinners with minimal support

1961 Reunions were held during the Sandringham games also after the annual meeting which was followed by entertainment and party which lasted till after midnight.

1962 The PP&O people made up the majority of the social club which appeared to be the new trend and ran a successful set of entertainment for the visiting clubs.

1965 The association dissolved as we had no ground or facilities to use.

1966 Norm Crewther [president] Dick Brown [secretary] and Brian Pawsey commenced the rebuilding of the association.

1967-8 Only two reunions were held in this time and the association became dormant.

1971 A huge effort was made to rejuvenate the association with half time functions at all home games these proved very popular.

1973 Popularity again started to fall and new members were called for to assist.

1974 Graham McColl [president], Ron Lysaght [secretary] and Norm Stevens [treasurer] pledged to revive the association and build the interest.

1975-6 Chris Challenger [secretary] managed to runs several successful functions.

1977 The Association increased in strength as Mick Flynn took over as President.

1979-81 Norm Stevens now secretary ran ½ time functions in the old committee room with great success.

1983 Fred Cook as President. Tried again to rebuild a fading group.

1984-6 The association directed their support to the thirds.

1988 Graham Douglas [president], John O’Brien [secretary], with a new committee ran functions at the bowling club which was a great innovation and very successful

1989 Merv Woodgate [president] Laurie Cummins [treasurer] ran three luncheons providing guest speasker.

1990 Again three luncheons with Eric Lines, Alan Schwab, and Tony Leonard speaking.

1992 Dennis Fowler [president] Frank Connor [treasurer] and Kaye Douglas took on the catering roll and organized two luncheons with great success at the bowling club. These became an annual event and made good dollars for the club.

1995 The association became dormant after one lunch and looked likely to fold. due to problems in the competition.

1996 Rejuvenated they held two functions raising enough to provide track suit tops for the senior team and also to sponsor two players.

1997 Clarrie Butcher [president] Mabel McDougal [treasurer] Graham McColl [secretary] ran luncheons with all the proceeds going directly to the club.

1999 Donated a dishwasher to the clubs new social rooms and held several luncheons.

2000 Donated honor board for past officials recognition by the club.

2001 Organized players lockers with past names of the greats of the club, assisted in the naming of the team of the century and locating the players who were to be honored.

2002 Kerion Lawson ran a 1970-74 reunion with great success and the assoc assisted the Angwin family with the school fees for the late Jeffs son.

2003 Kerion Lawson [president] goal kicker honor board donated to the club at a successful luncheon and a call for past players to get behind the group in the future.

2004 Membership doubled for the previous year due to get efforts by the committee.

2007 The association financed the refurbishment of the gym for the playing group

2009 Gary Halbert [president], Hugh Cornell and Margaret Brown work tirelessly through a torrid time.

2010 Glen Racovolis [president] Kerion Lawson [secretary] and Ian Liversidge [treasurer]. They held a great 1970 40 years luncheon with over 120 guests

2011 Wayne McLachlan [president] the association undertook the task of recommending Life Members, Lloyd Moss award persons to the board for approval at the presentation night. Also took on the task of introducing the Clubs Hall of Fame .

2013 Ian Liversidge took on the task of organizing the inaugural Hall of Fame night, at a dinner some 300 supporters saw 31 club greats inducted and 7 of these elevated to Legend status. Wayne retired as president and Kerion took over once again as president.

2014 Hall of Fame night was held in conjunction with 74-79-89 premiership reunions which was called “the HEROES NIGHT’ a great night with six more club persons being inducted and Trevor Price elevated to Legend status.

2015 Kerion again is president Michelle McNair [secretary] Ian Liversidge [treasurer] with Wayne McLachlan, Peter McGann, Brian Elvery, Alan Walsh and Vin Taranto being the current committee but still looking for more volunteers.

2016-present The Committee works hard to grow finances that can be donated to the Coburg Football Club for items that it requires assistance with EG: new guernsey sets, new gym equipment etc...
The current President of the committee is Kerion Lawson.

Please contact the Coburg Football Club on 03 9354 8228 if you wish to get in contact with the Coburg FC Past Players and Officials Committee