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Pick My Project : Campaigning to end Violence Against Women – Two Moreland Projects

2018 Pick my Project

Campaigning to end Violence Against Women

Two Moreland Projects

We are endeavouring to create 2 major projects in Moreland to change the attitudes that have created the scourge of violence against women. The Coburg FC (VFL) and the West Coburg FC (EDFL) will join Phil Cleary in this groundbreaking campaign, with the Coburg FC ‘VICKI CLEARY DAY’ and the West Coburg FC ‘WOMEN’S DAY’ being feature events in the campaign.

The project’s mission would be to promote a commitment to respectful relationships and gender equality strategies, using Coburg Football Club and the West Coburg Football Club as champions of change. Both clubs are strongly committed to women’s football and the broader campaign. Our educational strategy involves engagement with schools, businesses, unions, community health, sporting clubs, Moreland Council, VicPol, residents, and cultural and ethnic communities.

The key component of the project will centre on assembling a team of community-based ambassadors who will advocate in support of respectful relationships and gender equality. These ambassadors will be drawn from across the community.

Our strategy is unique and will create a not only better understanding of the violence but ways of ending it.

WE NEED YOUR VOTE TO successfully implement these projects!

It would be appreciated if you could forward the project details to your friends, workmates and sporting teammates

Thank you for selecting our projects.

How to vote for both of our projects!

Step 1.

Go to: www.pickmyproject.vic.gov.au

Select Browse projects

Step 2.

To get the location drag Pin or type in Brunswick
Go to ‘Moreland Family Violence Awareness Project

Step 3.

Add to shortlist:

Step 4.

Then create your own personal account:
Register your name with ‘Pick my Project’
Enter your details and verify your mobile phone number, you will receive a verification code

Step 5.

Add to shortlist your Second project:

Moreland Family Violence Awareness Information Resources

Step 6.

Add to shortlist your Third project:

Select a project that you believe the community will benefit

You now have selected you three selections

Step 7.

Now vote!

We thank you all for your support!