SEWFL Big Cat Face Off

By Lili-may Corley


Ahead of an exciting third round 3 of the South East Women’s Football league, Coburg have selected a powerful team for their matchup against Seaford. 

The game will be taking place at Belvedere Park up in Seaford on May 8th, first bounce commencing at approximately 10:00am. 

After their ground breaking performance against the Frankston Dolphins in round two, Coach Liam Cavanagh is “really happy with the way we played the game above all else.” He appreciated that the Lions were “really solid in defence & exciting in attack… We hit the statistics that we really value & I think we all take confidence in the fact that our game plan works & works really well, so it’s just about trusting the process this week & minimising those lapses where we go away from what makes us a good team.”

Excitingly, Brianna Yelland will be making her Coburg Lion’s debut, as listed in the interchange. Cavanagh  believes this to be “really exciting for her… we are super confident she can come in and play her role straight away.” 

Sophie Damons is another player Lion’s fans have been told to watch out for in the ruck/rover position. “Damon’s start to the year has been really strong too, I’d expect to see her continue her great form and play a very important role in driving us into attack this week.”

After a heavily successful week prior, the team is happy to see the Lion of the Round; Kristelle Vanderwolf return to half forward. “Kristelle was voted by her peers as “Queen of the Jungle” an award we give out each week to the player who we think really did all the hard stuff that helps the team become better.”

Another strong player returning to centre field, Hannah Fosbrooke is coming off a successful performance in round 2. Canvanagh appreciates that “Fosbrooke was also one who really found her rhythm on the [last] weekend, she’s worked out what she needs to do to be as impactful in her role as possible and now it’s all about maximising that.”

Maddie Edwards remains in the centre line joining Fosbrooke and Simone Craige. “[Edwards] as our captain has really flexed her leadership muscles too, through action as much through the way she’s leading the team and bringing us all together.”

Amy Mitchner and Jacquelyn Bromilow will remain cemented in defence, swapping with one another from full back to half back and vice versa. 

The Lions seek out their second win in history looking forward to this weekend, and there is no doubt in the minds of the fans, coaches and players that this will be possible. 


You can catch all of the action on Saturday 8th May, 10:00am at Belvedere Park, Seaford!


Carn The Lions!

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