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Cody Mance is a fine example of hard work paying off, as his career as a footballer is really starting to shine.

Cody dedicates his love of football to his older brother who not only pushed him into playing the sport he loves but also allowed him to grow and realize that football was his perfect sport.

Playing with the Sandringham Dragons until the age of 17 before moving onto U18s at Melbourne Grammar; Cody always had a large support base from family as his mum pushed him into trying out for the Coburg Lions and credits his bright journey with Coburg to constant support from family.

Support from family hasn’t been just for Cody but also to Coburg; a special thank you to his parents that have come on board as sponsors for Coburg as owners of Windsor Smith,

“I always have the support of family, friends and my girlfriend, they really enjoy it which makes it even more exciting; you always need support”.

Transitioning to Coburg has definitely been a journey for Cody as he initially started playing for the development team, moved up to the senior side but sadly broke his collarbone during the game against Collingwood in Round 3.

Nevertheless, Cody’s mentality with not only coming back but coming back better has always remained the same

“My goal is to always be the best footballer I can be and I think that’s what motivates me; to do what I need to do to make sure I’m getting better as a footballer”.

Cody is definitely aware in always showing growth and improvement and is extremely adamant in making sure his growth as a footballer is evident each week he plays; the importance of perfecting your craft is vital, one Cody doesn’t take lightly.

Transitioning from local football to VFL is quite daunting but in regards to playing VFL football with the Coburg Lions, the journey has been nothing but awesome.

“Everyone is extremely welcoming, there’s definitely that family bond which is why I chose Coburg”.

Coburg definitely has had a special first year as a stand-alone club, regardless of where they currently stand on the ladder; the team growth is evident but more importantly the growth of each individual player, specifically Cody.

Cody most definitely has improved, and is rewarded for his efforts, as this week he was ‘Lion of the Round’ and promises that there’s definitely more to come.

Cody is adamant in making sure he continues on mastering his speed, building up his body and perfecting his marking, and aims to only and always be the best footballer he can be.

“I’m working towards being a better player than I am now, I know I can be better and I’ll work hard towards being the best player I know I can be”.

It comes as no surprise how respected senior coach Peter German is as well as how special the relationships the boys share in hopes of one day witnessing Coburg be top contenders

“Germo is an awesome coach, his directness and strength in how he addresses the boys is what we need; we need tough to get better”.

Cody hopes that AFL is part of his football journey but is content in staying with the Coburg Lions now and especially in a few years to come where it’s extremely possible that Coburg reaches the top,

“Coburg will be top 5 in a few years, our bond off the field is our biggest strength when we’re playing and I definitely want to be here when that happens”.

Cody is not only excelling in perfecting his football skills but also working and learning about the family business that is Windsor Smith.

Cody promises that his football career has just begun, whether it be fulfilling his dream of playing AFL football or being the best footballer he can be whilst playing for the special team that is Coburg Lions, Cody’s journey is truly starting to shine.