Squads named ahead of the long weekend’s practice matches.

Squads named ahead of the long weekend’s practice matches.

11251623_807021186019741_920355811786059479_oSquads have been named ahead of both of Coburg’s practice matches ahead of the upcoming long weekend.

The Development side will have five top up players filling in from the 25 man squad, most notably former Calder Cannon Luke Ryan, while Michaelis McMasters, Adam Valeri and Mitch Conn make their first appearance for the club in the clash against the Northern Blues beginning at 10AM tomorrow at IKON Park.

The senior side will have star forward Lech Featherstone returning after missing last weekend while former Northern Knight and New South Welshman Mick Mattingly makes his first appearance for the club. Errol McConnell, Nathan Thomas, Mark Orr, Liam Hunt, Mark Kovacevic, Joel Madden and Josh Iacobaccio are all other inclusions to the side.  Nick Robortella, Jake Lew, and Dion Hill(injured) as well as Garret McDonagh, Ricky Schraven, Dylan Tarczon and Jesse Corigliano all make way. Marquee recruit Ahmed Saad has been rested.

The game against Collingwood begins at 3PM at the Holden Centre.



1 Ben Allan

2 Errol McConnell

3 Nathan Thomas

4 Robbie Fox

5 Josh Cauchi

6 Mark Orr

7 Lachie Johns

10 Danny Younan

12 Peter McEvoy

13 Matthew Stillman

14 Michael Ercolano

15 Josh Iacobaccio

16 Lech Featherstone

18 Matthew Merlo

19 Michael Mattingly                     

21 Rory Lehmann

22 Simon Caven

26 Liam Hunt

27 Kyle Staples

28 Dylan McDonald

29 Tom Goodwin

33 Nick Linton

41 Mark Kovcevic

44 Joel Madden



11 Garrett McDonagh

31 Jaycob Hickey

32 Ricky Schraven

35 Cameron Holdsworth

37 Keenan Posar

38 Jackson Clarke

39 Dylan Tarczon

42 Jake Kalanj

45 Richard Bamblett

46 Rhys Free

47 Brandon Bailey

48 Connor Dalgleish

49 Tom McConville

50 Callum Urquhart

51 Jesse Corigliano

52 Mitch Conn

53 Adam Valeri

55 George Romios

60 Joseph Tegart

61 Chris Drew*

62 Sean Marchetti*

63 Adam Marchetti*

64 Ashley Forbes*

65 Luke Ryan*