Team of the century


Bob Atkinson

110 Games

Tough defender who would also go onto Captain Carlton in his three seasons where he managed 44 games.

Ron Promnitz

96 Games

A prominent figure for the Lions in the key defensive post in the 1940’s.

Trevor Price

124 Games

Without doubt one of the clubs greatest players, Price in his time was greatly feared by the opposition and was a member of the famous 1979 premiership side.

Half Backs

Dave Starbuck

219 Games

The clubs games record holder with 219 games, Starbuck was one of the last players ever to use the place kick. Would later become President of the club.

Brad Nimmo (C)

154 Games

A member of the 1979 premiership side in his first season at the club, Nimmo would later captain the club to back-to-back premierships in what was arguably the clubs finest era.

Tony Tancredi

119 Games

The clubs Best and Fairest winner in 1967, Tancredi was known for his dashes off the half back flank along the wing.


Alan Mannix

110 Games

Arriving at Coburg after 112 games of VFL football with Footscray, Mannix would win the 1973 and 1976 best and fairest awards, captain the club and play in the 1974 second division premiership team.

Jim Sullivan

92 Games

Arguably the clubs most decorated player, Sullivan won both the Gillon and Fields Medals’ as the best and fairest in both the first and second division of the VFA competitions respectively.

Gary Sheldon

159 Games

The Liston Trophy winner of 1988, Shelton was a member of the all-conquering back-to-back premiership sides of 1988-89 and was the clubs best and fairest winner in 1982.

Half Forwards

Lance Collins (VC)

98 Games

Holding the clubs goal kicking record with 434 goals (including a season high 116 in 1936), Collins would also go on to play VFL with Carlton where he led their goal kicking in their 1945 premiership season.

Bill Byron

89 Games

Bill Byron managed 229 goals from 89 games in the 1950’s which included a 16 goal haul against Frankston in 1959.

Laurie Burt

157 Games

The clubs 1978 best and fairest winner, Burt capped off a sensational 1979 season with a runner-up placing in the Liston Trophy along with being a member of the famous 1979 premiership side.


Ken Ingram

150 Games

‘The Bear’ was another member of the back-to-back 1988-89 premiership sides and would go onto captaining the club, winning best and fairest awards in 1990 and 1996.

Bob Pratt

40 Games

Arguably one of the biggest names to have pulled on the clubs jumper in our history, Pratt managed 263 goals from 40 games from 1941-42, including 138 in 1941.

Brian Allison

174 Games

An outstanding clubman, Allison was another 1988-89 premiership player and on numerous occasions was selected to represent the VFA in the annual carnival.


Jim Jenkins

174 Games

Tasmanian who was a three time premiership player in 1926-27-28 and was a best an fairest winner in 1928 and 1931, and would also go on to captain coach the club.

Colin Hobbs

98 Games

The captain of the 1974 premiership side, Hobbs would later manage 64 games in the VFL with Fitzroy.

Clarrie Mears

166 Games

Recruited locally from East Brunswick, Mears would play in both the 1926 and 1928 premierships, and won best and fairests in 1925-26.


Ray Jordon

96 Games

Later becoming one of the elite underage coaches, ‘Slug’ became one of two players in the clubs history to win 3 best and fairests, and the only one to win three in a row.

Henry Kerley

86 Games

Kerley was the centre half forward in the premiership sides of 1926-27-28, and was the clubs best and fairest winner in 1929 and 1930.

Mick Erwin

90 Games

Erwin was the captain coach of the 1970 premiership, and was credited with bringing back respect to the club, changing its culture and laying the future foundations for success in first division.

Jack Condon

186 Games

The winner of the 1946 best and fairest award.

Tim Reinets

57 Games

A key member of the back to back premiership sides of 1988-89, Reinets is the only player to this day to have won back-to-back Norm Goss Medals.

Mark Weidemann

36 Games

After his VFL career with Collingwood came to an end, Mark joined Coburg and played an integral part in the 1988-89 premierships, and was the clubs best and fairest winner in 1987.


Jack Harris

191 Games

A member of the 1926-27-28 premiership sides, Harris would later captain the club, including the 1934 Grand Final team.

Jack Rogan

145 Games

An outstanding clubman, Rogan was a dual best and fairest winner in 1948 and 1953, and was also a VFA representative in 1953.

Allan Eade

119 Games

Coming to the club from Collingwood, Eade won best and fairest awards in 1983 and 1987 to go with back-to-back premierships in 1988-89. Represented the VFA on five occasions also.


Phil Cleary

205 Games

Without doubt the clubs most iconic figure. While he managed 205 games as a player, Cleary also coached the club from 1984-1992 (the first four of those as captain-coach), which included the 1988-89 premiership sides.