The Cannons fire on their way to Coburg


The 2020 VFL season will have a different feel due to some rule innovations that have been created to create more opportunities for talented young players to play VFL football.

In 2020, Coburg FC like all standalone clubs, will have a senior list of upto 42 players and a development list of six players that are 19 year old NAB League graduates.

Of those six development list players, three of them will be Coburg listed players that when not on Coburg VFL duties have been approved to go back and play for the Calder Cannons rather than go back to local football level. The other three will be NAB League graduates from other NAB League teams EG: Northern Knights that will go back to local level football when not picked by Coburg.

Each week in 2020, the Lions coaching staff will need to pick one of the six development list players to play as the team’s 19 year old.

Today, the Lions are pleased to announce who those three young players will be –

Jake Sutton – Jake is a 186cm forward that played 14 NAB League games for the Cannons for 12 goals in 2019. Jake was also a teammate of returning Lion Billy Cannolo at Rupertswood where they played together in the 2019 RDFL Senior Premiership side.

Josh Hotchkin – Josh is the Son of former Lion from the late 80’s-early 90’s Brett Hotchkin and is a 203cm developing ruckman. In 2019, Josh played 14 times for the Cannons and was named in his team’s best players 6 times. Josh also played 5 club games across the under 19’s and reserves for Aberfeldie in the EDFL.

Ben Overman – Ben had a tremendous back end of the 2019 NAB league season and is a 190cm player than can play at both ends. Ben played 15 times for the Cannons in 2019 and is a St Bernards Junior. Ben will provide great flexibility for the Lions in 2020.

Coburg FC General Manager Sebastian Spagnuolo offered more insight following the three new additions to the squad “The new 19 year old rule should provide greater opportunities for players to transition from NAB League to VFL football well and whilst Jake, Josh and Ben are well and truly Coburg listed players, we will work in with the Cannons to ensure that we’re doing the right thing by the players by providing them VFL opportunities when we feel they’re ready.”

“We know that Jake can provide headaches with his ability to provide great connection as a forward, Josh is a developing ruck which we feel will develop into a leading VFL ruckman in the future with great scope and the necessary tools to even go onto the highest level and Ben is an impressive athlete that will provide some great versatility for our coaches.”

“The link between ourselves and the Cannons has been in existence for over 20 years and we back ourselves to be the best VFL club option for talented and hardworking players of our region to continue their football development, we give them all a chance to be the next Adam Saad or Luke Ryan as players that have gone from Cannons to Lions then off to the AFL world.”



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