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A Tie for Jim Sullivan Best and Fairest

Daniel Venditti and Adam Saad have shared the honour of the Coburg Football Club’s Best and Fairest, and will each take home the Jim Sullivan Medal.

Venditti got the jump on Saad getting out to 6 vote lead midway through the count, but the young surging defender played a remarkable second half to catch Venditti and tie him with one round to go, leaving attendees on the edge of their seat.

Both Saad and Venditti earned four votes each in the final game against Casey, and therefore instilling the first tied Best and Fairest count since 2006, when Jake King shared the spoils with Alistair Neville.

Venditti, 27, was last years winner of the Jim Sullivan Medal was enthralled to go back-to-back.

“It’s a tremendous honour” – Venditti said.

Saad, still only 20 has been courted by many AFL clubs as he looks towards the National Draft at the end of the season.

“It’s been a fantastic year, and I want to thank Coach German for having the faith in me. ”- Saad said.

Lech Featherstone finished 11 votes back in second place, while inside midfielders Ozgur Uysal and Nathan Thomas shared third place with 37 votes each.

Full Results:

1. Adam Saad 51
1. Daniel Venditti 51
3. Lech Featherstone 40
4. Nathan Thomas 37
4. Ozgur Uysal 37
6. Nathan Blair 35
7. Michael Hartley 33
8. Errol McConnell 23
9. Andrew Sturgess 22
10. Nick Linton 21
11. Ben Clifton 20
12. Ben Sortino 19
13. Nick Carnell 17
14. Cody Mance 14
15. Daniel Younan 13
16. Nick Robortella 12
17 Matthew Fairbairn 11
18. Dion Hill 10

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