We’re The Coburg Pride You Know!

The Coburg Football Club is delighted to launch its new-look, progressive theme song ahead in the club’s 130th year. 

With the addition of the Lions’ Senior Women’s team and the growing success of our junior program, the club decided to revamp the traditional song. The club’s board, who took on the thoughts of all Coburg players, staff, members and supporters, began the process of change in December last year. The changes to the theme song may seem minimal but are significant in nature. 

Firstly, the lyric ‘we’re the Coburg boys you know’ has been changed to ‘we’re the Coburg pride you know’ while ‘we’re the boys of red and blue’ has been changed to ‘we’re the team of red and blue’. This was done to bar any restrictions on gender, as the club welcomes everyone to Piranha Park. 

Secondly, the lyric ‘we’ll kill ‘em, we’ll thrill ‘em, tear ‘em in two’ has been changed to ‘we’re faster, we’re stronger, we’ll dominate you’. This eliminates the notion of violence, which the club is forever and always against. 

Speaking about the club’s new theme song, Coburg FC General Manager Sebastian Spagnuolo said he was excited about the future ahead for the mighty Lions. 

“It’s been a really exciting process for this club to go through,” he said. 

“With our women’s team joining our men’s team and our junior program growing for all ages, we thought our song needed to represent the Coburg Football Club as it is now. We loved our original version of the club song for a long period of time but it really did need an update in order to be more inclusive. The song that we’ve now got can be sung by anyone that’s enjoying their time at Coburg Football Club as a player, staff member, supporter or member. We can’t wait to hear it sung after a win at Piranha Park or on the road in 2021!”

Not only does the club have a new song but it also has a new club song singer. Polash Larsen is a Bengali-Australian songwriter, singer and guitarist who works primarily in roots genres such as Soul, Funk, Blues, Reggae and Rocksteady. The Brunswick local has a heavy involvement with hockey, has featured in many club songs and prides himself on the values of diversity and inclusion. Larsen said he was delighted to be part of this historic club song change and believed he was a great fit. 

“The club put it to me if I could re-record the song and I said YES! I’m local, I live in Moreland, I was born on Moreland Road. I also have a background in community sport. I work in inclusion, it’s very important to me personally,” he said. 

Click here to listen and learn the club’s new song and see the below graphic to view our new lyrics. We look forward to seeing all Lions members, supporters, players and staff singing it loud and proud at Piranha Park this year and beyond!