Winterthur is a City not far from Zurich in Northern Switzerland.

In May 2017, Stefan Burgener (Half Swiss-Half Australian) and his Brother started training with a group of Swiss mates in a public park in Winterthur.

They trained every Tuesday until October, when we competed as the Swiss national team in the yearly 9-a-side European Championships (Euro Cup) of Australian Rules Football.

After almost 12 months of training and teaching the finer points of the game to locals, in February 2018, they officially founded the Winterthur Lions Australian Football Club.

Since then, they have competed in two tournaments across Europe, notching up their first win in Prague on the 1st September against the North West Italy Eagles (6.4 40 – 2.0 12).

The current Swiss National team (which at the moment is still comprised of only Winterthur players) will be competing in the Euro Cup in Cork on the 13th October 2018.

Stefan and the Winterthur Lions also aim to start a new Swiss League which they hope to  run from May – September 2019. So far the League will comprise of Winterthur, Basel and Geneva. Zürich and Bern is also on the radar.

We welcome the Winterthur Lions into the Coburg Lions family of affiliate clubs and as part of the partnership, Winterthur will spread the Coburg Lions message throughout their membership base aswell as occasionally receive some Coburg FC training or old playing gear.   Coburg FC has allowed the Winterthur Lions the use of our club’s logo as they are an official International partner club of ours.

For more information about the Winterthur Lions, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/winterthurlions/