Women’s Lion of the Round- Round 2 2021

By Lili-may Corley

After an impressive win for our Senior Womens team in Frankston on the 1st of May – Coaches, Fan’s and Teammates have recognised Kristelle Vanderwolf as our ‘First Traffic Management’, Women’s Lion of the Round.

Kristelle was a valued player in centre field and put plenty of pressure on the opposing team, collecting up 3 total marks and plenty of touches to keep the ball rolling.

Vanderwolf’s game was an impressive display of team work and calculation, in making sure that every interaction she made with the play was concise and helped the rest of the Lion’s rack up the 6 total goals. 

Even on the bench and in the locker room, Kristelle’s spirits were high as she consistently wore a bright smile and brought a determined and energetic spirit to share with her team. She played a fair and respectable game that has been recognised by many. 

Kristelle is a valued member of Coburg’s history making Senior Womens Team. Having been recruited from Yarraville-Seddon and rightfully earning Yarraville-Seddon’s best and fairest in 2019, it is no surprise in the way that Kristelle performs on and off the field.

Her display against the Frankston Dolphins was certainly one to be remembered, with a showcase of agility, persistence, stamina and reliability – Kristelle is, and will continue to be, a valued member of our team and a definite weapon against opponents


  • Disposals (8)
  • Kicks (5)
  • Handballs (3)
  • Tackles (1)
  • Marks (3)