Development Lions Defeated in Close Contest

A late burst of Sandringham goals was enough to steal the win on Saturday morning, the Development Lions going down by 17 points in a close and intense second half.

After working themselves back into the game during the third term, the Burgers just couldn’t match the Zebras in the dying minutes; the final scores 13.6 (84) to 15.11 (101).

While the first term saw slippery conditions and Coburg take a one-goal lead into quarter-time, the visitors responded with three in a row to lead by 15 at the main break.

The second half saw both sides come out fighting to keep their finals hopes alive, with the ball travelling back and forth frequently.

The Lions applied strong defensive pressure to keep the Zebras within reach, with the win just slipping out of their hands.

Billy Cannolo and Nick Dodge each finished with three goals, with the other 11 goals kicked by individual players.

Top-up player Andrew Sturgess recorded the most disposals (20), followed closely behind by Rhys Free (18), Alex Mioni (18), Connor Byrne (16) and Billy Cannolo (16).

In the final round of the 2017 season next week, the Development Lions will go up against Williamstown at Burbank Oval on Saturday.

Hear the Lions Roar!


Coburg 3.2 5.3 11.5 13.6 (84)

Sandringham 2.2 7.6 11.7 15.11 (101)

Goals: Cannolo 3, Mattingly, Barton, Dodge 3, Haberfield, Betson, McDonald, Schraven, Svarc.

Best: Cannolo, Donnelly, Byrne, Haberfield, Sandric, Mattingly.