Perfect Fit

Nick Linton has always bounded himself with football and is adamant in football not only being the sport he loves but also being the perfect fit.

Many aspiring footballers start playing football at a young age; Nick began his football career before kindergarten and definitely hasn’t looked back as playing football just felt natural.

“Football is the sport we all love, it just came naturally, I’ve learnt I can play VFL level and I’m definitely enjoying it”.

Transitioning from playing Cricket at Essendon in the Premier State Division to football was definitely the right decision as Nick wanted a change from playing Cricket and has learnt that football was undoubtedly the perfect choice.

You can easily say that football runs through the family as his brother also loves playing football as well as being an Ex-VFL umpire.

Like many aspiring footballers, playing AFL would be the perfect reality, Nick obviously welcomes the idea of having an AFL career in the future but as for now, and playing his best football for the Coburg Lions is his number one priority.

“AFL would be the dream, but right now playing my best football, helping out the team and always giving my best is the most important thing”.

The great trait about Nick is the certainty he has in his ability to be a hard attacking, won’t back down from a contest and great defensive pressure sort of defender, initially starting out as a forward then moving up to the midfield before finding the right pace as a defender has allowed Nick to recognize that being a main defensive player is the perfect role within the team.

Going onto his fourth year with the Coburg Lions and being a stand alone club this year has definitely been different, however, playing for Coburg this year, is simply better.

“Coburg feels more like a footy club, the boys have more opportunities to showcase their skills and we all want to achieve the same goal”.

Like a large majority of football players, Nick has suffered a few injuries along the way, nevertheless, it only allows Nick to grow and better himself as a footballer, support from his mum has always pushed Nick to be his absolute best.

“I contribute my growth and where I have gone/come in sport and life to my mother as she was the person who has always encouraged and supported every decision I made with my sporting career”.

I asked Nick what he thought was his best quality and he quickly replied “Loyalty”, a trait that is evident not only with Nick but the rest of the players and coaching staff, their loyalty to one day making the Coburg Lions a powerhouse club, is admirable

Coburg Lions in due time will only get better, through the new coaching staff and great relationships the boys have both on/off the field will benefit Coburg over the years to one day be an unstoppable team.

Last week we celebrated captain Nick Carnell’s 150th game, regardless of the outcome, the milestone Nick’s been able to achieve is extremely admirable.

“We definitely wanted to do it for Carnez, he’s a great leader, commands respect and is extremely loyal. Germo didn’t want the boys to make it personal but we definitely gave it our all”.

Nick is currently studying P-12 Physical Education and Health at Victoria University and loves every minute of it, conjoining teaching younger teenagers about Physical Education and Health as well as playing football is extremely fulfilling.

Nick is no different in wanting Coburg to be a success; he’ll definitely be wearing the Coburg Lions colors next year, always working towards playing his best football and more importantly is appreciative of finding solace within the Coburg Lions clubroom.

Coburg Lions will only get better, there’s always room for growth. I always ask the boys to sum up Coburg in one word, Nick instantly replied,

“Family, oh wait all the boys say family, Coburg’s home”.