Seagulls As Strong As Wind Against Coburg Seniors

Coburg have been defeated by 88 points against Williamstown in a windy contest at Burbank Oval, going down 7.7 (49) to 20.17 (137) this afternoon.

The notoriously strong breeze pushed the ball towards the City end of the ground, and with the Seagull’s kicking that way in the first meant they went into quarter-time 48 to 0.

In the second term, Coburg managed to use the wind to their advantage, keeping Williamstown score-less and kicking 5 straight goals.

The margin was brought back to just 12 points, and the Lions were ready to pounce on Williamstown.

But the change of ends after half-time again saw the Seagulls with the upper hand, booting an 11-goal to 0 quarter at the City end of Burbank Oval.

Despite Coburg’s desperate efforts to close the margin in the final quarter, Williamstown continued their dominance.

Patrick Lawlor was the Lion’s leading ball-getter (24 disposals), while Jesse Corigliano and Keenan Posar had 22 and 20 touches respectively.

Damandeep Aujla managed to kick two back-to-back goals within a minute’s play in the second, while Liam Hunt also snagged two.

A disappointing result for our Burgers, they now go into the season with a 0-4 record.

Looking to get their first win next week against Sandringham, come down to Piranha Park next Sunday, with the first bounce at 2pm.

Hear the Lions Roar!


Coburg: 0.0 5.6 5.6 7.7 (49)

Williamstown: 7.6 7.6 18.14 20.17 (137)

Goals: Aujla 2, Hunt 2, Orr, Mellington, Blythe.

Best: Exon, Goodwin, Lawlor, Blair, Blythe, Posar.