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The Featherstone Show

Lech Featherstone has definitely had a fantastic first year showcasing his talent as a dominant, and standout forward. Lech definitely has a special story in regards to his football career, he played with TAC Cup club Bendigo Pioneers, but after finishing

Perfect Fit

Nick Linton has always bounded himself with football and is adamant in football not only being the sport he loves but also being the perfect fit. Many aspiring footballers start playing football at a young age; Nick began his football career before kinder

Ultimate Big Brother

Ben Clifton is not only excelling as a skilled defender at the Coburg Lions but also leaving his mark as a respected and admired leader.Ben’s journey with football in my opinion is admirable, finding the love of the game at 10 years of age and years lat

Destined for Greatness

Nathan Thomas loves the game of football, and remains optimistic that playing football is where he’s meant to be. Like many young boys, playing football is the chosen sport, luckily enough Nathan realized his love of the game at a young age; fast-forwar

Always, Football

Matt Fairbairn is making his mark as a footballer, as playing football just feels right. Matt’s journey with football has definitely been colorful, playing football from a young age, moving onto playing VFL football with Frankston before finding home at

On My Way

Aaron Christensen is definitely something special when it comes to football, excelling in both Calder Cannons as well as Coburg Lions; he’s definitely a player to watch. Aaron currently has the best of both worlds; by playing U18s for the Calder Cannons

All That Matters

Ben Sortino has always bordered himself with football and is certain playing football is where he belongs. Ben’s love for football started at a young age and as years passed by, Ben grew more determined and committed in perfecting his skills, as playing

Leader in the Making

Errol McConnell has definitely started his football career on the right foot; impressing many whilst ensuring the best has yet to come.Unlike many youngsters, football wasn’t first choice for Errol. Errol started playing football at a young age to pass

A Kept Promise

Andrew Sturgess has many ambitions in life; to be a positive role model as well as play the game he loves; football.Andrew definitely leads a busy life, currently in his last year studying a Bachelor of Education at Victoria University, working part-time

Only the Beginning

Nathan Blair, only 18 years of age, has made his mark with football; the best part, his career has only just started. Nathan Blair started playing football at a young age, as a youngster he was adamant about football being the one sport that stood out